Wimberley glass studio delights customers

Tucked away between the rolling hills of the Wimberley countryside lies a unique studio specializing in custom glass creations.

Tim DeJong, owner of Wimberley Glassworks, discovered the art of glassblowing while studying pottery at Alfred University in New York.

DeJong visited Wimberley on vacation after graduating from Tyler’s School of Art at Temple University and decided it was the perfect place to set up shop.

In 1992, he moved to the Hill Country and started Wimberley Glassworks.

Dorm, apartment decorations on a budget

One of the most exciting and hectic parts of going to college is moving into your dorm or apartment.

For many, this time can be immensely expensive, but those who know where to shop may find it far less stressful.

Online programs such as OfferUp, 5 Miles and VarageSale have been introduced to the public as an alternative way for finding and purchasing everyday necessities, such as dorm or apartment decorations.

These publications and similar ones like them are designed to save users time and money by mimicking the process of local garage or yard sales via mobile devices.

Nick Huzar, CEO of the OfferUp app, said the program saves students money by changing the way they can buy and sell their belongings.

Professor honored with Patriot Award


As men and women signed up to fight for their country after 9/11, one Texas State professor made a promise to assist them with their education when they got home.

Now, Katherine Selber, social work professor, is being recognized for her efforts.

Selber was awarded the Texas Veterans Commission Patriot Award of 2015 for her exemplary service to veterans, their families and the rest of the community. 

The professor said she received the award because of her leadership position in the Veterans Advisory Council, which provides resources to veterans returning to school.

Selber said most of her efforts involve teaching at the College of Applied Arts and working to help groups who give assistance to veterans in the community and on campus.

Local band headlines at Cheatham Street Warehouse

When Cody Bryan performed in front of his high school graduating class, he never imagined it would be the start of his music career.  

The Cody Bryan Band, a Texas country group based in Austin, headlined at Cheatham Street Warehouse Sept. 18 to celebrate the release of their new album, Small Town Noise.

Cody Bryan, the lead vocalist of the band, said he fell in love with performing after he was asked to sing in front of the 500-600 members of his graduating class.

“My best friend held the microphone up for me, and I’ve been playing ever since,” Bryan said.

Bryan said the band has been touring on the road for almost a year and a half in cities around Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Eight great date places in San Marcos

San Marcos offers a plethora of cuisine and outdoor adventure options for couples looking to escape their daily routine.

Below is a list of fun ideas for a date with that special person.

  1. Palmer’s Restaurant, Bar and Grill

Palmer’s features a decorative outdoor courtyard surrounded by trees for those wishing to take advantage of the fall weather. Students searching for a more intimate setting can reserve a table inside.

Kyle Easterling, Palmer’s manager, said the restaurant’s quiet atmosphere makes it the perfect date destination.

University Galleries host Common Experience exhibition


Students looking to learn more about this year’s Common Experience Initiative should visit the University Galleries’ De La Tierra exhibit.

Chad Dawkins, interim director, said the exhibit is centered around And the Earth Did Not Devour Him by Tomás Rivera, Texas State alumnus. The novel uses childhood recollections to discuss immigration and the migrant worker experience.

Dawkins said the exhibition’s title and much of the artwork come from 10 artists’ responses to Rivera’s novel and its underlying message.

“This novel is the reading for this year’s Common Experience theme,” Dawkins said. “The Galleries wanted to have an exhibition where the artists would work with the text that was given and respond to that with their works that will be in the show.”

SACA events to watch out for

The Student Association for Campus Activities (SACA) is responsible for supplying students with some of Texas State’s largest events of the year.

Shannon Hetland, student operations coordinator, said SACA is best known for hosting a week’s worth of events during homecoming in the fall and Riverfest in the spring.

“The biggest event that we have coming up is actually going to be homecoming, and that’s going to be at the end of October and beginning of November,” Hetland said. “That whole week we have things going on.”

Hetland said a portion of homecoming events include a spirit rally, a three-on-three basketball tournament, the PowderPuff Football competition, a box car derby and a homecoming court featuring members from each student classification

Texas State to celebrate family weekend

Families of Texas State students are invited to spend time with their Bobcat Sept. 18-19 during this year’s Family Weekend.

Jennifer Wood, assistant director of Retention Management and Planning, said this year’s activities will include a wine walk, a golf tournament, family breakfast and dinners, a tour of the Performance Arts Center and the opportunity to attend football and volleyball games.

Wood said diversity in families was something organizers kept in mind while designing the itinerary.

“We listen to them and their experiences, and think about the diversity that comes with our families—where they are from, their ages, their interests,” Wood said.

Picks of the Week

For the Film Buff

Robert Rodriguez is set to deliver the LBJ Distinguished Lecture at Evans Auditorium on Sept. 16 at 7 p.m. Rodriguez is an accomplished director, screenwriter, producer, cinematographer, editor and musician. He is the founder, chairman and CEO of El Rey Network, a new English-language cable network. The event is free and open to the public.


For the Water Adventurer

San Marcos City Park will host the Junior Texas Water Safari Sept. 19 at 9 a.m. The 16-mile water journey is an opportunity for canoeists and kayakers to perfect their abilities before the main Texas Water Safari event taking place next June. For more information, visit

Q&A with Emily Leon, Multicultural Greek Council vice president of public relations

Not all students are aware their Greek options extend beyond the two largest councils on campus.

The University Star sat down with Emily Leon, Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) vice president of public relations and management senior, to learn about the organization’s unique approach to Greek life.

Mariah Simank: How long have you served as vice president of public relations?

Emily Leon: I was elected in May. The guy before me who had the chair graduated. So I took over midterm, and our elections are in November. I'm just serving the partial term, kind of like a sit-in. After November I can run for reelection, but we'll see.


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