Alex Pernice

Get involved to succeed at Texas State

Bobcats should realize that the time to make the most of their college careers is today, not tomorrow.

Staying informed of current events worthwhile for young adults

It is imperative students make themselves aware of global issues instead of remaining blissfully ignorant of important international affairs.

Staying informed is extremely important, especially for students within the typical college age range. Many young adults unfortunately do not realize staying informed is important for a variety of reasons. Reading the news is not something only parents or older folks do—this is something every person, regardless of age, is responsible for.

Greek life sets positive example for Bobcats

The Greek community at Texas State is doing a fantastic job at setting an example for students here at the university.

Local culture needs to be recognized

Students, residents and visitors of San Marcos ought to start seeing the city as a history-rich destination rather than just a hub of collegiate activity.

There is a stigma attached to the home of the Bobcats. I will never forget graduating high school and proudly telling friends and family that I would be attending Texas State. This was almost always responded to with a comment about how the university was a party school, and San Marcos was a town full of trouble. This was frustrating to say the least.

Talk it Out: Dining Halls

Improvements needed

The dining halls at Texas State should be more equipped with diverse food options in order to better serve the wide array  of students attending the university.

Alternative options for tenure track necessary for university

Universities must consider an alternative to tenure because the current system can unfairly reward undeserving professors, as well as lock educators with outdated knowledge into positions they may not be qualified for in the future.

Academic tenure is a topic that has been the subject of heated debate for a long time. For some, tenure is seen as a way to honor those who have been high-achieving throughout their careers. However, if undeserving professors are awarded tenure, it can prove detrimental to universities.

Boston bombing tragedy unites students, Americans

Last week’s bombing incident at the Boston Marathon and the related shooting at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology should not shake students’ faith in the strength of their country.

Kickstarter harbors, fosters student ideas

Students who want to see their creative goals become a reality should consider taking advantage of the Kickstarter website to generate funds and support for project ideas.

Hazlewood should take more students into account

The state of Texas offers a variety of veteran benefits programs to students, but legislators must consider expanding coverage of the Hazlewood Act to serve a greater population.

Budget cuts could have negative effects on students

The economic sequester may seem like a confusing web of financial information to some, but it is important students become well informed and contact their local representatives about the proposed budget cuts.


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