Grace Perkins

Bobcats display admirable generosity in donating to West, Boston

After the tragedies that struck the country last week, students have made the right move by decorously and selflessly looking to aid those who have been affected.

Promising coach arrives in wake of Davalos

Texas State athletics officials recently hired Danny Kaspar, the state’s winningest men’s basketball coach over the last six years, and the expectations for a successful program could not be higher.

Former coach Doug Davalos’ contract was not renewed after seven seasons, according to a March 18 statement released by Texas State athletics officials. It was time for a change in the Texas State men’s basketball program after seven straight seasons with more losses than wins, zero tournament appearances and only three conference tournament victories.

New administration obligated to improve communication

The newly elected Associated Student Government president and vice president are in the perfect positions to help implement and carry out rational initiatives for the betterment of students, faculty and staff members.

Texas State is in a precarious position. The university is amid a race to tier one status, which could be the key to improving Texas State’s image and shedding its reputation as a regional, commuter school. However, with each stride the university makes toward the finish line, poor decisions and planning hold back Texas State on its dash to prestige.

Students should beware Aquarena construction

Students seeking apartments with convenient access to campus for the fall semester should do their best to avoid complexes on and around Aquarena Springs Drive at all costs.   

Bobcat tram schedule inefficient, wastes needed money


Texas State officials are looking to hire a new transportation services director, and the changing of the guard should be viewed as an opportunity to address new ideas for overall tram efficiency for students.

The new transportation director is not stepping into an easy job. Despite the innate difficulty of the position, there are very logical steps officials can take to ensure riding the buses around town is a much more enjoyable experience.

Sufficient counseling services necessary for Texas State

Effective support is highly important for college students, and the Texas State Counseling Center is failing to allocate adequate resources to accommodate the growing student population.

Austin, San Antonio commuters abandoned by cutting interurban trams


Texas State commuters will effectively be thrown under the bus this fall when the Bobcat Tram Interurban routes become a thing of the past.

A recent review by a Texas A&M transit institute led transportation services officials to, beginning Aug. 26, discontinue the interurban tram, according to a Feb. 5 University Star article. These routes cover the Kyle, Austin,  New Braunfels and San Antonio areas and are frequented by students who cannot get to campus any other way.

Shop local to preserve unique businesses on North LBJ

If residents want to preserve the unique flavor of San Marcos’ small businesses, they must be prepared to deal with the inconvenience of construction and continue shopping local.

Students’ futures hinge on legislative decisions

A renewed focus must be placed on higher education this legislative session with fewer cuts to university budgets, more funding allotted for campus construction projects and logic-based discourse.

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