Ravi Venkataraman

Campus corporations should be kept in check

Although it may be nice to grab coffee between classes at Starbucks in the LBJ Student Center, students must be conscious of the potentially negative effects corporations could present on campuses.

Did you really mean Austin, Kim Jong Un?

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s proposed plans for attack on the City of Austin will likely not be actualized, but the reasons behind the specific target warrant some questioning and discussion.

In-state tuition should be available to all Americans

As more states permit bills granting in-state tuition and higher education opportunities to undocumented residents, students need to push legislators to pass the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act.

University could benefit from student-run farms

Texas State should seriously consider utilizing student-run farms to raise educational opportunities and research, better establish the brand of the university and increase profits.

Medicaid expansion beneficial for students, residents

The state legislature needs to re-evaluate and approve the Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act and stop the industry from having free reign over students and residents in critical situations.

Liquor law would benefit San Marcos’ economy

The overall economy of the state would benefit significantly if the Texas Legislature passes a law to extend liquor sale hours.

According to a Feb. 20 University Star article, two legislators recently filed bills designed to abolish the state’s “blue” laws that limit Sunday alcohol sales. The bills known as Senate Bill 236 and House Bill 421 are expected to expand the hours of liquor store operation each week.

Abundance of bachelor’s degrees hurts job prospects

Texas State officials must ensure the value of a bachelor’s degree remains relevant even as a record-high amount of students are heading out into the workforce with higher education experience.

The economic recession that took place from 2007-2009 pushed student enrollment to new highs at colleges across the nation. This is beneficial for the local economy and social environment. However, with more people attending college, questions are raised about the value of a degree. In the long-term, a bachelor’s degree could be devalued because of the high numbers of college graduates.

Double-major students should not be restricted

Texas State officials should avoid implementing a plan some universities across the nation have discussed that could abridge degrees and restrict some students from double majoring.

Administrators at Ohio State University and University of Texas discussed banning students from earning two degrees at once unless they could graduate within four years, according to a Jan. 31 Time Magazine article. Lagging graduation rates and internal pressures at many institutions have fueled many similar discussions in the country.

SMPD must focus budget to maintain safety

The San Marcos Police Department must find ways to ensure that safety is maintained within the community amid a recent spike in the city’s historically low violent crime rate.

Armed guards not a reasonable option for schools

A potential proposition to station armed guards at Texas State and other campuses across the nation would be an extreme measure that could have negative effects on students and financial budgets.


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