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How to dominate your office March Madness pool

On March 15 the official brackets for the 2015 NCAA Tournament will be released. Each year millions of Americans participate in the tournament bracket challenge by predicting the outcome of all 67 games correctly. The odds of receiving a perfect bracket are astronomical. Without including the four play-in games, a participant in the challenge has a nine-quintillionth chance of correctly picking a bracket. The odds are slim, but here are some suggestions to help tip them in your favor.


Know the legitimate contenders

Range of skills crucial in post-graduation job hunt

College students of this generation must graduate with a multitude of skills instead of only having the specific knowledge of their concentration.

Rideshare legislation must be introduced to suit community's need

The city should alter current rideshare legislation in order to permit companies like Uber and Lyft to operate in San Marcos.

 According to a Feb. 3 University Star article, the current ordinances are written for taxicab companies, and city council members want to make sure any changes made will include fair treatment for businesses already operating. The companies working in the city, including Aloha Taxi, are known for being unreliable and often over-priced, but it’s nice the city is looking out for them.

Government-funded community college creates opportunities for students

The Obama administration’s new plan to pass legislation providing two years of free community college will open a whole new world of opportunity for prospective students.

According to the American Association of Community Colleges, 36 percent of community college students in 2014 were in the first generation of their families to pursue postsecondary education.  Government-funded tuition for the first two years of community college will go a long way toward alleviating some stress students are already under.

Community investment more important than new student apartments

Apartment complexes in San Marcos are not being handled in proper, satisfactory ways. The rift between the community and the student body continues to grow due to the lack of resources for actual San Martians.

Free expression important following Charlie Hebdo attack

The Jan. 7 attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has sparked an international discussion on a component just as pivotal to journalism as human lives—free speech.

Specific updates needed for Alkek renovation

Alkek Library will undergo renovations in upcoming years to increase effective use of space and updated technology. According to a Nov. 12 University Star article, results from a feasibility study performed in 2012 are the main force behind the projected three waves of renovation. The editorial board wishes to see certain changes reflected in the updated structure.

Residents must prioritize safety on Sessom

West Sessom Drive is a dangerous and perilous road that students need to be cautious on when driving or walking. Sessom is filled with narrow sidewalks, dimly lit streets, speeding cars and loops that could make Sonic the Hedgehog dizzy. Students and drivers need to take proper precautions when roving Sessom’s perilous streets.


Students must not wait until last minute to join organizations

Students should take advantage of the opportunities offered at Texas State early in order to avoid joining organizations last-minute and trying to quickly climb the ranks.

There are 337 organizations registered with the Student Organizations Council. The clubs range from academic to special-interest and encompass everything from the American Choral Directors Association to the Construction Student Association.

Students must be aware of sensationalism in politics

During the current midterm elections, Bobcats should take care to find as much unbiased information about the candidates running as possible.

Around election season there is a lot of sensationalism in the media. The campaigns for politicians run highly biased and skewed advertisements in hopes of bringing more votes to their side of the cause. This tactic can be effective but also highlights a flaw in media coverage and political elections.


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