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Independence vital in relationships

People in overly dependent relationships should consider cutting ties with emotionally draining significant others and rediscovering themselves as a single person.

Not all relationships are good relationships. The nature of feelings is that they make things very complicated, and relationships are no exception to this issue. It can be especially hard to see how relationships can be damaging while you are in one. Sometimes in relationships people get too wrapped up in being an “us” and lose themselves in the process.

10 reason that you should go to the Navy game

1. You only get the college experience once. Some things are cliché for a reason. Packing the stands at a football game with friends and fellow students is a unique experience that everyone should experience at least once in their college career.

2. There is plenty of room for everyone to get a good seat. Attendance at the first game was 17,813, and the stadium can comfortably seat 30,000 people. The fact that it is a home game should help encourage everyone to come since it is within walking distance or a 10-minute bus ride for many people.

New night parking regulations needed

Texas State Parking Services should institute a “night-only” parking pass for the number of off-campus commuter students who have reasons to be on campus late at night.

There are many reasons that people come to campus at night, for reasons that range from working late at their jobs to a last-minute study session at the library to a late-night craving for cardio and lifting. These kinds of off-campus commuters need “night-only” parking passes so as to not get ticketed or wander too far from the available parking through the tumultuous hills better known as main campus.

11 things I would tell my freshman self

1. Take advantage of living on campus while you can. Having an apartment is great, but it is so easy to stay on top of studying, going to class and being active in organizations when everything happens within a mile radius of where you live. It's a lot harder to do all of that when you have to ride in an overflowing bus or buy a parking pass to get to campus.

San Marcos Nature Guide

There are many places in San Marcos for nature lovers to explore interests in camping, hiking, bird watching and river activities.

Foreign languages essential to worldly success

Modern-day job-seekers know better than anyone how important it is to be bilingual in 2014. Despite this widely known truth, Texas State’s core curriculum does not currently include a foreign language requirement. In order to better serve students and prepare them to be global citizens, Texas State officials must add foreign language requirements to the core curriculum to help better prepare students not only for the workforce, but for the world as a whole.

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