Jose R. Gonzalez

Tolerance needed across campus

In order to promote a constructive discourse on religion, Texas State students and organizations need to display civility toward others who may not share a similar outlook on faith.

ASG participation needs improvement

It is up to the Associated Student Government candidates and voters alike to work together to ensure the atmosphere at Texas State is improved next year.

More communication with Associated Student Government needed

Associated Student Government senators need to continue to expand their accessibility to their constituents on campus.

Bobcats will be inundated by the presence of student candidates politicking for votes as the ASG election campaign season approaches. This has been the most notable, if not only, encounter many Texas State students have with their representatives in student government over the years.

Social media presence affects employment prospects

Bobcats must exercise discretion on social media websites, including Facebook, by representing themselves and the university well.

Facebook continues to play an increasingly important role in the professional and personal lives of college students. As such, Texas State students would be wise to use Facebook to enhance their employment pursuits and give a good representation of the university. Students should take caution when using various forms of social media.

University should add McDonald’s to campus dining scene

Texas State officials should consider adding a McDonald’s in the near future to improve campus dining profits, increase meal variety and ease convenience for students.

John Root, director of auxiliary services, said daily profits at Lyndon’s U Club sometimes fall below $100, according to a Jan. 22 University Star article. These figures are unacceptably low. Instead of continuing to pay the upkeep on a seemingly unprofitable restaurant, Chartwells officials should implement a well-known dining outlet such as McDonald’s to help attract more business.

Bobcats must put studies ahead of relationships

If a proper balance is found, love can be a viable part of student college life without distracting from academics and career goals.

The brutal truth is that the pressures of college can make even the most amorous relationship finite, even though the saccharine adage that “Love lasts forever” is often repeated. Coursework and studies can both fall victims to the demands a relationship creates in the life of a student. Texas State students can find ways to properly manage academics with their outside relationships to make these aspects flourish equally.

Obama’s gun violence plan falls short, misses mental health mark

President Obama’s official plan for reducing gun violence is largely well intentioned but also deeply flawed. Communities such as San Marcos and Texas State will not see greater protection as a result.

San Marcos tax revenue must stay competitive

San Marcos officials must ensure sales tax revenue numbers continue to increase to better compare with other nearby cities and ultimately provide more profits for the area as a whole.

According to a Dec. 14 city press release, San Marcos sales tax revenues for Oct. 2012 were up 11.56 percent from 2011, the largest sales tax collection for that month in city history. San Marcos is headed in the right direction with economic profits. However, the figures are relatively weak when compared to sales tax revenue numbers recorded by smaller cities in the Central Texas region.

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