Austin Tomlinson

Students should foster working relationships with staff, professors

Bobcats gearing up to apply for internships and jobs in the working world should make efforts to develop contacts and professional relationships with university officials and instructors.

Take advantage of study abroad opportunities

Studying abroad is a special opportunity some will only get the chance to experience during college, so more students should travel with the Texas State programs to further enrich their education.

Students should approach network marketing companies with caution


Although Vemma, an Arizona-based energy drink company, is gaining popularity at Texas State, students must be well-informed and careful to avoid getting swept up in quick money-making promises.

CLEP tests save time, money

If students are looking to save time and money while in college, the College-Level Examination Program is a simple way to knock out basic coursework.

University literature and humanities deserve more attention

Texas State officials must pay greater attention to the study of humanities by increasing the availability of intellectual literature around campus for students to read.

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