Pilar Keprta | Illustrator

City, campus offer variety of study spots

As the school year kicks into gear, it is essential for Bobcats to remember studying is an important factor in solidifying academic success. A part of growing up and becoming the responsible young adults people expect us to be is learning what works best on an individual basis. Studying can be difficult if the environment is not right, but luckily there are many options on and off campus for all types of students.

Summer classes positive choice for Bobcats

While it is understandable to want to take a break and relax for the summer after stressful fall and spring semesters, Bobcats who enroll in summer classes should be mindful of the temptation to blow off courses and remember to take them seriously.

Classes are a great way for students to stay in the mindset of being responsible during the summer. Thankfully, summer classes are a good way to staying on track to graduate while avoiding too heavy a course load during the fall and spring semesters.

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