Savannah Wingo

Talk It Out: Pessimism vs Optimism

Pessimists more prepared for life
By Savannah Wingo

Pessimism is not necessarily as negative as it is popularly portrayed—proper utilization of the outlook can actually help individuals cope with the hardships of life.

Adopting a less rose-tinted perspective can help students to weather the most disastrous of life’s experiences.

Vegan lifestyle often pretentious, only possible for privileged minority

While a vegan lifestyle can be positive for some, the pretentious attitude many vegans carry is not, and comes off as privileged and ignorant.

Do not get me wrong—I am not bashing veganism as a whole. I think the vegan diet is, for many, a positive way to reduce one’s environmental impact and to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle.

Catcalling ineffective, offensive way to get women’s attention

Guys need to learn that catcalling from a fellow friend’s car window is not an effective way to pick up girls.

Many women have at some point been walking down the street, minding their own business, and had something along the lines of “Big booty Judy!” shouted at them from a passing vehicle. It is ridiculous that the men in the car even felt the need to yell such a thing. It seems that simply being female and possessing a vagina is enough to inspire simple-minded men to yell such phrases.

Student Recreation Center needs to provide support for new gym-goers

The Student Recreation Center, a positive space that encourages students to remain active, can be intimidating for students trying to get in shape for the first time.

I am not disputing the usefulness or quality of the recreation center on campus. Quite the opposite—the facilities provided by the school at the recreation center are well furnished, functional and not to mention shiny. It is partially the crowd the recreation center tends to attract that can make working out there so uncomfortable.

PDA is a-okay

Students publicly displaying affection may be rude, but those looking on are better off turning the other cheek and ignoring the public necking rather than complaining.

Safety necessitates Bobbies expansion to off-campus locations

While many students may use Bobcat Bobbies to receive a safe escort or to score a free ride, the system is not providing as much security as it could beyond campus borders.

Dining plans squeeze too much out of students’ wallets

Chartwells officials need to revamp services by providing more options for students on restricted diets, allowing students to utilize all of their meal swipes and offering discounts for students without a plan.

Students should be wary of joining honor societies

Although honor societies can offer significant ways to boost campus involvement, students should make sure these organizations are a good fit for their schedules and pocketbooks before joining and paying dues.

Chinese classes deserve more student attention

A greater number of students at Texas State should consider taking classes or minoring in Mandarin Chinese, a language with more speakers in the world than any other.

Summer classes improve graduation rates

Although many students see summer as a time to relax, taking classes during the break can greatly increase a Bobcat’s ability to graduate in four years.


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