Molly Block

Political bias does not belong in classrooms

Texas State professors should attempt to eliminate political bias from the classroom so students can be free from influence and able to make their own judgments.

As any college student can attest, there seems to always be at least one professor during a semester that has to make his or her political beliefs known. It may even be completely off-topic, but somehow certain professors always manage to let students know that they support Obama or Romney or whoever else.

Duck Dynasty star does not deserve judgment

Society should not be so quick to judge “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson for exercising his freedom of speech and giving his opinion about a subject that clashes with his family’s Christian beliefs.

Students should exercise caution when jogging in San Marcos at night

Texas State students who want to get in some exercise by jogging along the busy streets of San Marcos need to use caution and become better-informed about the correct procedures.

Officials should renovate historic Old Main interior

Texas State officials need to begin renovating the interior of Old Main to complete the process of restoring a major university icon to its former glory.

Talk It Out: Poltical Correctness

Have some respect

Texas State students must strive to be more politically correct while at school, work and when interacting with friends and family.

Sadly, many people who speak insensitively can offend someone and therefore come off as ignorant and insulting. Students should educate themselves about politically correct terminology and strive to use it in everyday conversation in place of offensive terms.

Students should be aware of breakup violence

Texas State students need to become better educated about “breakup violence” and should encourage friends who they think might be in danger to seek help.

Students should be aware of eating disorders, misconceptions

Texas State students need to understand eating disorders are serious emotional and physical issues that can affect both men and women and should never be taken lightly.

Undocumented immigrants deserve equal access to education

Undocumented immigrants who wish to further their education and create a better life in America should have the same opportunity to graduate college and receive a degree as citizens.

The U.S. is known as the land of the free and the home of the brave. America is a country full of opportunities and promises for a brighter future. Every day, people around the world hope for a chance to come to the U.S. and raise their families in a country where the possibilities are endless.

Women should strive to be better role models for girls

More women must learn how to become better role models for girls in order to stop the destructive cycle of low self-esteem promoted by mainstream media.

As a child, I was fortunate enough to be raised by parents who instilled morals and values in me that have become part of my identity. My everyday decisions are a result of how I was raised and my parents’ relentless efforts to make me feel worthy of respect, despite what the world might say.

Self-defense classes a worthwhile investment in light of recent crimes

Texas State students need to be more cautious while on campus late at night and should learn skills to defend themselves in case of an attack.

Unless it is absolutely necessary, there is no reason for anybody to walk around campus late at night, especially on their own. Although some people naively believe San Marcos is completely safe and no one would ever harm them, recent events have unfortunately proven otherwise.


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