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Disabled students deserve equal opportunities

Disabled students on campus deserve respect and equal chances for success as much as everyone else.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, approximately 10.9 percent of undergraduate students enrolled in the 2007-2008 academic school year were students with disabilities. Disabled students are a bigger minority than many realize and should be better accommodated in collegiate environments.

New technologies cost-effective alternative to print textbooks

University faculty and staff should seek modern alternatives to traditional teaching supplements, such as expensive textbooks, as the price of education rises.

 Millenials are often the butt of jokes from older generations. We have been called everything from lazy to self-obsessed to ineffective communicators. Some of those things may be true on an individual basis, but one thing millenials bear no responsibility for is the current inflation of textbook prices.

Testing and grading methods do not reflect real-world expectations

Educational methods for testing students’ content recall are increasingly leaning toward regurgitation of information instead of retention.

The days of SATs and TAKS tests are quickly fading into the distance for most college students. The same cannot be said for the stressful and robotic formulation of standardized testing. Most students have experienced the exhausting cycle of vigorously studying the night before a test only to forget most of the information once the exam is over.

10 tips for a successful semester

Coming back to school after a long winter break is often the hardest time to get reenergized.

Getting revitalized for school after crawling out of the dredges of a long break can be difficult for students. The comfort of daytime napping and Netflix binging is hard to shake off when it comes time to buckle down for school again. Thankfully, the editorial board has complied a list of 10 tips students can use to have a successful semester.

1. Finish what you start.

San Marcos must step up, implement bag ban

In 2014, California became the first state in the nation to propose and pass a statewide ban on the distribution of plastic bags.

Today, countless cities around the nation have enacted their own ordinances, and San Marcos should do the same. The cost-benefit analysis for the environment and the economy is too great to ignore.

Tips for making the most out of Black Friday

The editorial board has concocted a few tips to aid students in their endeavors to maximize their luck on Black Friday.

Take Advantage of the Sales

Midterm election voter turnout pathetic

The results of the most recent midterm election show that America still has a long way to go towards increasing voter turnout and reducing voter apathy.

Popular late-night host John Oliver spoke about the midterm election on the Nov. 2 episode of his show, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. According to Oliver, this Congress is on its way to being the least productive in history. Oliver also said that campaign efforts for this election totaled roughly $4 billion.

Poor security, unsafe behavior to blame for recent criminal activity

In recent weeks, there has been a slew of criminal activity surrounding campus.

In the wee hours of the morning on Oct 25, a suspicious man walked into Tower Hall and made terroristic threats. The suspicious man entered the hall by following a student in after they swiped into the card-locked doors.

This incident struck fear in the hearts of Bobcats everywhere. Many on-campus students expressed feeling unsafe. This is the perfect catalyst for the university to finally address security around campus and implement procedures to address these problems.

Bobcats should not let the ‘midterm slump’ get the best of them

It is that time of year again; the time of year that most college students anticipate with weariness. Yes, it is the midterm season. Classes are winding down, tests are all over the place, the weather is literally cooling down and students are starting to get a pretty good idea of what their grades will be like at the end of the semester. However, students should not let this midterm slump negatively affect them in their educational endeavors.

Students must be wary of dangerous prescription, recreational drug abuse

A casual attitude towards prescription drug abuse has become part of the college culture, but Bobcats should refrain from this activity as well as any other recreational drug usage.

Social media applications like Yik Yak let users interact with other local users and often feature university students searching for an ‘addy’ hook-up. This epidemic is most prevalent during midterm and finals seasons, when student stress is at its highest.


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