Hunter Larzelere

Loss of net neutrality could have grave consequences

It is imperative that more people educate themselves about net neutrality so the Internet can remain the mythical gift from above that it has been.

Most people utilize the Internet in some form. Hours can be spent online watching YouTube, Tweeting or researching an essay subject on Wikipedia. The Internet has come a long way since the days of god-awful dial-up, and smartphones can do more than a late ‘90s PC.

Taylor Swift’s Spotify decision egotistical, motivated by greed

Taylor Swift just created a lot more haters who are going to hate, hate, hate.

Swift recently sent shockwaves throughout the music world by deciding to take all of her music off the streaming service Spotify, the reason for this business decision being that she claims Spotify does not properly compensate the artists who allow their music to be on the service.

Hazing is destructive, must not be tolerated

Hazing is not a rite of passage that builds friendships and brotherhood. Hazing is a crime.

Hazing has never made any sense to me. The premise of mercilessly picking on someone and treating them like dirt as a rite of initiation does nothing but build resentment and hate. Call me crazy, but every time someone has gone so far as to make it their life’s goal to give me a hard time, I have no intentions of ever being friends with them. Maybe that is just me.

Violence the problem, not nudity and cursing

Show me all the deaths, fights and violence in the world as long as there is no sex or cursing.

This is the model that modern entertainment has taken. One night browsing primetime TV is all it takes to witness the sheer volume of violence on TV. It is not limited to just late-night TV either. Many daily afternoon shows and children’s cartoons have some sort of violence in them.

Consumers should demand more originally from Hollywood

 The movie industry needs to stop pumping out the same recycled garbage.

For way too long, the movie industry has just pumped out the same thing over and over for consumers to watch: needless remakes, sequels and more sequels and countless movies based on books. It seems like every single new movie that comes out is based on something else or a continuation of a previous film.

Washington Redskins’ name offensive, must be changed

In this modern age, it is unacceptable for the Washington Redskins to keep using the term “redskins” as their brand name.

It makes absolutely zero sense for the Washington Redskins to not change their name. I understand that there is a storied history to the franchise, but there is also a storied history to the word “redskin” that is not one to be proud of. The name is extremely offensive to Native Americans, and I just do not get why owner Dan Snyder refuses to even consider changing the name.

Too-early tech releases waste everyone’s time

In this technology-driven world, it should not be acceptable for companies to release products that are unfinished.

I am sick and tired of buying new products that always end up having some kind of glitch or malfunction. Back when I used to be on Team iPhone, I would constantly search for the release of the newest version, and when the phone was finally released, I would kick myself for not having it. Flash-forward to a couple weeks later, and the reports of all the various bugs and glitches would have me glad that I did not rush off to purchase the new phone.

Spanking should be a part of disciplining children

There is no way I could raise a child. Children just annoy me to no end, and I cannot believe the horrible way so many kids behave nowadays.

At the risk of sounding like an old man, when I was young, kids just behaved better. I honestly believe that the reason kids act so bratty now is that they are not disciplined anymore. For some reason, disciplining a child is seen as a cruel act, but that simply is not the case.

Students should not be forced into taking hybrid classes

Hybrid classes are not as advantageous as they are advertised to be. The classes only create a greater workload for students, and it is up to the students to teach themselves most of the material.

Texas State's party school image difficult to change

Texas State has long held the infamous branding of being a party school. While the university has taken steps to get away from this image, Texas State still is, and will continue to be seen as, a party school.

As a university that just received Emerging Research status from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Texas State has the potential to become a Tier One university. However, for this to happen, the mindset of many of the students needs to change.


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