Christopher Gonzalez

High-speed rail system would be beneficial for traveling in Texas

Texas needs a high-speed rail as a method of transportation.

High-speed rail really does not exist in the United States. The fastest train in America connects Washington, D.C. to New York City at a speed with which an everyday passenger car can compete. In China, old diesel trains that once ran for nine hours from Changsha to Guangzhou have been updated with high-speed trains that service the same distance in two hours, which is seven hours faster than the diesel counterpart.

Taxing unhealthy foods not effective

Taxing fatty foods and sugary drinks is not the best route to curbing obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other chronic conditions among a population.

Participating in Earth Day events worthwhile, valuable for community

To celebrate Earth Day today, students should take part in events on campus and nearby the San Marcos area.

The Texas Wild Rice Festival at Sewell Park was over one week ago, but this does not mean the fun or individual stewardship to the environment has to stop. Not all students are environmental gurus. For example, after I learned turkey vultures urinate on their legs to cool off on hot days, I gave it a try and found no success. At the very least, Earth Day should be treated as a day for learning and reflection.

Bobcats should utilize Student Health Center

Students seeking basic health care off campus should divert their attention toward the Student Health Center as an exceptional resource.

Not all students use the Student Health Center, and, particularly for those who require urgent care, this is understandable. For the majority who do not require the detailed medical attention found off campus, however, the Student Health Center provides conveniences worth the patronage and loyalty of students.

Limited smartphone usage can promote increased productivity

Students should make a conscious effort to occasionally unplug themselves from smartphone technology, as doing so can boost individual productivity as well as appreciation for the simple things in life.

When people use their smartphones, a wealth of resources instantly become available to them. People can communicate with anyone from just about anywhere and, because of the Internet, news travels as fast as lightning. Smartphone technology is positive in many respects, but it has its drawbacks.

Summer living in San Marcos provides internship, social opportunities

If Texas State students do not already have vacation travel plans, they should live in San Marcos for the summer in order to expand their knowledge, gain experience and meet like-minded individuals.

Students should consider the independence of living away from home and what it can offer them this summer. Parents are the fun police and place limits on guests, curfews, chores and the use of students’ cars, phones and Internet at home. Of course visiting family is important, but it is rarely fun to spend several months at a time stuck with mom and dad.

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