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Cast of "Undateable" not unlikable

SXSW, Undateable

Laughter has power—the power to make me want to start watching the show “Undateable.”

Chris D’Elia (Danny Burton), Ron Funches (Shelly), Brent Morin (Justin Kearney) and Rick Glassman (Burski) sat down Tuesday to discuss the origin of their careers as stand up comedians, and the renewal of second season of their NBC show, “Undateable.” 

“Undateable” is the first show to star four stand-up comics.

The four comedians began their careers doing stand-up in clubs and bars.

Funches said he began in Portland.

Morin said his parents were always supportive of his comedic career.

“…You lucky motherf­­­­ucker,” Funches said. “I had so many people telling me to stop doing it.”

Comedy was something the cast knew they always wanted to pursue.

Update: Details of Fort Hood shooting victims emerge


2:20 p.m. update:

 Spc. Ivan Lopez opened fire on fellow soldiers at Fort Hood Wednesday, killing three and injuring 16.

Army officials have only identified Lopez, but through media reports quoting relatives and friends, details about the deceased and wounded have come to light, the Austin American-Statesman reports.


Sgt. First Class Danny Ferguson, 39, of Mulberry, Fla.

Carlos Lazaney, 38, of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Sgt. Timothy Owens, 37, of Illinois.


Maj. Patrick Miller, a 32-year-old Iraq War veteran from western New York.

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