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Performance art piece creates controversy

Controversy arose after a Texas State student sat nearly nude Monday morning on the steps of Alkek Library.

Monika Rostvold, studio art senior, wore a thong and pasties on her breasts the color of her flesh in a performance piece to make a statement about the objectification of women and for Sexual Assault Awareness month.

Women are pressured to attain an ideal body type, Rostvold said. However, “women come in all different shapes and sizes,” she said.

Texas State offers services for sexual assault victims

The University Police Department (UPD) and other local organizations work in tandem to provide rape kits and other forms of support to survivors of sexual trauma on campus.

The kits consist of diagrams, literature and tools for documenting rapes and collecting evidence, said Whitney Bliss, sexual assault counselor at Hays-Caldwell Women’s Shelter. A certified Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (S.A.N.E.) must perform the exams.

“It’s a standard process,” Bliss said. “All of the kits have the exact same materials in it, even with instructions on how to do that and how to label it.”

Three charged with arson in Sagewood fire investigation

Three 19-year-old men have been arrested by officials from the San Marcos Fire Marshal’s Office in connection with an arson that occurred the morning of April 9 at a house on the 1000 block of Sagewood Trail.

San Marcos police and fire department officials determined the blaze was isolated to the front porch of the house. The residents put out the fire and escaped the house without sustaining injuries.

Officials with the fire marshal’s office conducted an investigation and determined the fire was set intentionally.

Victim of lethal train accident identified

Officials with the San Marcos Police Department (SMPD) have identified the man who was struck and killed by a train on Friday afternoon.

Richard Alonzo Natal, 50, was struck by a train at about 3:30 p.m., The victim was pronounced dead via phone by Jo Anne Prado, Justice of the Peace, shortly after he was found by police.

Alkek disturbance caused by fireworks, police say

University Police Department (UPD) officers investigated “possible gun shots” near the library early Wednesday afternoon.

“At 3:12 p.m., a call came in saying there were possible shots fired by the Math (and) Computer Science building into Alkek (Library),” said Brian Carpenter, UPD sergeant.

Mondy Hobbs, public relations senior, was studying on the seventh floor of Alkek when she heard the noises.

“All of a sudden we heard really loud bangs,” Hobbs said.

Police investigate noise disturbance near Alkek

Officials with the University Police Department (UPD) stated the possible gunshots heard near the library today around 3 p.m. are believed to have been fireworks.

“At 3:12, a call came in saying there were possible shots fired by the Math (and) Computer Science building into Alkek (Library),” said Brian Carpenter, UPD sergeant.

UPD officers responded. Witnesses told police they saw people walk and throw something into nearby bushes, Carpenter said. Witnesses told officers they heard two loud bangs and smelled a sulfur-like odor.

“What (UPD) concluded was possible fireworks in the area,” Carpenter said.

No remnants of fireworks were found by UPD, Carpenter said.

Suspects who fled traffic stop still at large

Officials do not have any further information regarding a traffic stop gone wrong on Interstate Highway 35 (IH-35).

Two men fled a traffic stop after being pulled over by a Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) officer, according to an April 9 University Star article.

“They were stopped for a traffic violation,” said Robbie Barrera, DPS public information trooper.

Search for men who fled traffic stop ends

The manhunt for two men who fled a traffic stop has ended after almost three hours.

Two men in a black Ford pickup truck ran away after being pulled over on Interstate Highway 35 (IH-35) just after 2 p.m. by a Department of Public Safety (DPS) officer. The officer fired shots at the back of the truck and struck a tire, causing the vehicle to turn into the frontage road and then into a nearby meadow. The two men fled on foot.

Last Student Government senate meeting ‘productive’

Student Government passed five proposals at the last Senate meeting of the semester.

The Senate passed SB 2014-2015.08, a bill that will end the three-year Scholarly Travel Activity and Research (S.T.A.R.) Act grant pilot period and establish the program as a permanent service if approved.

The program allows students to apply for up to $750 to travel to conferences and exhibitions. According to the bill, the funds are exclusively for students and are never to be used for faculty or staff travel costs.

The bill, written by Senator Marissa Parks, healthcare administration junior, is intended to help give students the financial means to conduct research and other academic activities at other institutions.

Student Government in “transitional period”

Student Government has served Texas State since the days of Lyndon Baines Johnson, the university’s most famous alumnus and former student body president.

In 2003, Student Body President Robert Dorr wrote legislation to change the name of the university from Southwest Texas State University to Texas State University, said Councilman Jude Prather, Place 2. Prather was a member of the organization, which was known then as Associated Student Government (ASG).

ASG officials introduced the name change to Senator Jeff Wentworth after the Board of Regents did not support the idea.


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