Payton Walker

Officials aim to educate residents on Safe Passing ordinance

City officials are hoping to educate residents about the newly implemented Safe Passing ordinance in order to make roads safer for pedestrians and other non-motorists.

Implemented March 19, the Safe Passing ordinance stipulates that automobiles and small trucks must give at least three feet of clearance when passing “vulnerable road users,” while commercial motor vehicles must give six feet. City officials have begun to familiarize the public with the ordinance by giving it the slogan “steer clear.”

The ordinance now includes a fine for vehicles parked in bike lanes, said Mayor Daniel Guerrero. He hopes the ordinance will benefit the city overall by providing additional safety to vulnerable road users.

ASG candidates no longer able to run on tickets

Students hoping to run for position in the Associated Student Government will no longer be able to run on tickets, leaving the duty of campaigning in the hands of the individual candidates.

After last year’s candidates for president and vice president ran unopposed, members of the Election Commission implemented changes to the system, said ASG president Vanessa Cortez. Prior elections allowed potential senators to run on a presidential and vice presidential ticket. The filing deadline for those running for ASG president, vice president, senator or graduate house representative is March 21.

Cortez said as a result of the changes, candidates will not be able to rely on a ticket’s staff to do their marketing for them, which has occurred in the past.

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