Laura Crick

Greek life beneficial to students

Greek life of any kind can help build a strong foundation, create better men and women and help students make connections that will last a lifetime.

Old buildings must be renovated to match new construction

For the past several years, Texas State’s campus has been under construction, and it will continue to be so for the next few years. Building new buildings to accommodate new students and top-notch technology is great, but the old buildings should be renovated as well so that everything is up to the same standard.

Having brand new, shiny buildings next to old, sometimes-ugly buildings throws off the aesthetic of campus. Additionally, the technology in the buildings needs to stay up-to-date so as to accommodate the increasing number of students and tech-based instruction.

Millennials do not fall under ‘lazy, conceited’ stereotype

Over the years, I have heard countless arguments that the Millennial Generation, or Generation Y, is lazy and conceited. Every generation has its defining characteristics; however, these are not the correct ones for the Millennials. Just one look into research done on the Millennials shows that this generation, born roughly from 1980 to the early 2000s, is anything but lazy and conceited.

Students should not participate in major shaming

Major shaming happens every day, on every campus, to every major, and it must stop.

I have heard many people say something along the lines of “oh well that major is stupid, mine is so much harder.” The whole point of college is for people to get a higher education in something they are interested in so that they may go work in that field. By insulting a major, the people in that major are also being insulted. Everyone has different strengths and hopefully they have chosen a major that reflects those strengths.

Christians should display Christlike behavior through LGBTQIA acceptance

Christians should adopt a Christlike attitude toward homosexuality by showing love and acceptance instead of hatred.

Christianity and the LGBTQIA community have had their fair share of arguments and debates. It is not very difficult to come by an article or website explaining why Christians should be against homosexuality and what the Bible has to say about it. However, amidst all of the hate, there should be a glimmer of hope. Christians have plenty of reasons to be accepting of homosexual lifestyles.

On-campus housing restrictions often unreasonable, severe

The current on-campus housing regulations are too severe and should be relaxed to match those at other schools.

As someone who is living in on-campus housing, I recognize the many pros to living in a place where someone cleans my bathroom, and I do not have to worry about getting stuck in traffic on my way to class. However, there are some things that come with living on-campus I do not agree with, such as the many regulations concerning appliances and animals.

Students often fail to see numerous positive aspects of Greek lifestyle

Students need to realize that being involved in Greek life is not a negative thing.

Performing arts deserve better student and university support

Students need to support their peers who are involved in the performing arts disciplines.

The performing arts are a difficult craft. Performers must spend hours upon hours in rehearsals perfecting every little detail and work very hard to make sure the finished product is entertaining. Texas State students who dedicate their time to the stage deserve support from other Bobcats. Just like athletes, performers need an audience to do their best work.

Modesty ideals dependent on individual

No matter what one’s personal idea of modesty is, individuals should feel free to wear as little or as much as they want without attracting the criticism of others.

Modesty is not something that should be policed. People should be free to expose or cover as much of themselves as they like without garnering rude remarks or being shamed.

Meal plans costly, lack variety

Being forced to buy a meal plan every semester is an unfair requirement that costs on-campus students significantly more than what they would spend on groceries while providing little-to-no variety.

The convenience of on-campus food is nothing to scoff at, but as helpful as close-proximity eateries can be, for many students the cost may be too much.

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