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Fire damages Bikinis in San Marcos


Officials are investigating the cause of a fire that engulfed Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill on North IH-35 late Friday evening.

Trey Hatt, city spokesperson, said the San Marcos Fire Department received the report at 7:33 p.m. and firefighters arrived on the scene at 7:37 p.m. Hatt said flames were visible on the north side of the restaurant's roof. Fighting the fire quickly became a "defensive operation" as SMFD worked to save the structures around Bikinis. Hatt said there were no more visible flames by 8:15 p.m. EMS say there were no injuries.

Hatt said the cause of the fire is still under investigation. Parts of Aquarena Springs Drive and IH-35 are closed as a result of the incident.

Visiting geography scholar outlines water resource issues facing state


Zachary Sugg, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Arizona and visiting scholar at Texas State’s Geography department, spoke in Evans yesterday about various water issues.

His speech, “Uncertainty, Equity and the Politics of the Pump: Groundwater Governance Challenges in the Lone Star State and Beyond,” dealt with current and future approaches to water.  He started off his discussion talking about groundwater and how it is used for many different purposes.

“As there’s more and more users, the amount of the resource gets less and less,” Sugg said.

Inside The Hitch

St. Pita’s
Offering a fresh take on classic Greek favorites, St. Pita’s menu is nothing short of heavenly. Each recipe is custom designed by owner Matthew Buchanan. One popular item on the menu is the Holy Avocado. “It is a house breaded, deep fried avocado with Sriracha and house-made ranch,” said manager Jacob Booth. The trailer also features a signature secret topping known as Saintly sauce, which includes feta cheese and Greek yogurt, a Mediterranean staple.
The Big Kahuna

Bobcats can prepare for spring with bright colors, fun prints

Warmer weather brings with it fresh patterns and colors. There are several ways Bobcats can incorporate spring trends into their wardrobes.

Color trends for spring will vary and range from bright jewel tones to soft, delicate pastels, said Rebecca Pullian, JC Penney sales associate.

“A lot of what we are selling is bright spring shorts,” Pullian said.

Cheatham Street Warehouse celebrates 40th year

Kent Finlay will never refer to Cheatham Street Warehouse as a bar. The music has always been the most important part of the venue, which celebrates its 40th year in San Marcos this June, Finlay said.

When Finlay and his partner Jim Cunningham opened Cheatham Street Warehouse in 1974, it was the first music venue of its kind in San Marcos. An outlet for local singer-songwriters to perform their latest pieces and gain a fan base, the venue drew attention early on thanks to small shows by then up-and-coming musicians including George Strait and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

“The focus was to promote local live music. That’s the mission we’ve stayed true to,” said Sage Allen, Cheatham Street Warehouse manager.  

“Navigators” help residents maneuver health insurance website

San Marcos resident Steve Bibby broke his 16-year streak without health insurance this January because of the Affordable Care Act.

Bibby was one of the  24.1 percent of San Marcos residents who did not have health insurance between 2010 and 2012, according to an American Community Survey on the United States Census Bureau website. Since the ACA was passed in March 2010, San Marcos residents have been signing up for insurance through the government website with the help of  “navigators.”

“I tried (having health insurance) for a while, but (companies) kept raising the rates and jerking you around with pre-existing conditions and stuff, so I just said, ‘To heck with it,’” Bibby said.

University officials finalize strategic research plan to reach Tier One status


Administrators have completed and finalized a strategic plan outlining the future of research at Texas State that will help the university achieve Tier One status.

Michael Blanda, assistant vice president for Research and Federal Relations, said the strategic research plan involves improving undergraduate curriculum, increasing research funding and productivity, creating more doctorate programs and building infrastructure. Blanda said the plan will ultimately help raise Texas State’s research profile and ability to recruit and retain high quality faculty and students.

Provost Eugene Bourgeois said development of the plan began after the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) named the university an Emerging Research Institution (ERI) in January 2012.

Texas State computers updating to Windows 7

Texas State computers will move away from Windows XP starting April 8 and begin using the Windows 7 operating system.

Microsoft will be ending support and security for all Windows XP computers nationwide, forcing the university to upgrade, said Benjamin Rogers, director of Client Services at Texas State. About 20 computers will be retired of the 200 machines still currently using Windows XP because they cannot be upgraded, Rogers said.

Q&A with Dillon 'Sun God' Scott

Dillon Scott, commonly known as the “Sun God,” has become something of a campus celebrity in recent years. On warm days, Scott can be found at Sewell Park, soaking up the sun and dancing with abandon. While many Texas State students are familiar with the sight of the Sun God, not all may be familiar with his story.

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