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Q&A with Stephanie Ramirez, fashion merchandising assistant professor

New to San Marcos as of three weeks ago, Stefanie Ramirez is a fashion merchandising assistant professor at Texas State. An LSU graduate with a double-concentration Ph.D. in design and merchandising, she likes to bridge the business and creative sides of fashion. With her lively personality and brightly colored top to match, she sat down with The University Star and spoke about her teaching experience, love for fashion and how her designs ended up at New York Fashion Week.

CR: What brought you to teach here at Texas State?

Wittliff exhibit highlights acclaimed photographs

Every five years, the Wittliff Collections displays an exhibition highlighting a selection of works either purchased by or gifted to the museum over that time period. Its most recent exhibition, dubbed Coming to Light, features 42 internationally acclaimed photographs that are being shown by the Wittliff for the first time.

Most of the photographs were either donated by the artists themselves or purchased by the Wittliff. The photos are generally grouped together by theme. Themes include nature, animals, Mexican history and culture, while a miscellaneous wall features fun, engaging pieces.

New recruitment plan aims to create more ‘dynamic’ fraternities on campus

In an effort to combat negative stereotypes surrounding Texas State Greek life and attract a more diverse array of fraternity members, the university has implemented a new recruitment style focused on positive change. 

Known as 365 Recruitment, the new style is a year-round joining process, effectively replacing the older “formal rush” model, which set aside just one week per semester for recruitment and other organization-joining activities.

First LGBTQIA bar to open in San Marcos


When former Texas State student Chris Rue first had the idea to open San Marcos’ first and only gay bar, it was a casual “what if” tossed out over drinks with friends one night. Nearly two years later, Rue’s friends dug up the old idea and approached him themselves, determined to actually make it happen.

Now, in collaboration with the bar’s three owners, Rue is set to become the manager of the city’s one and only gay bar amidst a rapidly changing and welcoming university environment.


Artist-in-residence to publish photography book on LBJ

Thanks to the life-size statue of US President Lyndon B. Johnson that stands in the middle of The Quad, most people are aware that he must have had at least some connection to Texas State.

What most people don’t know, however, is just how monumental Johnson’s time at Texas State—then Southwest Texas State Teachers College—was to shaping American history.

This summer, the Center for the Study of the Southwest welcomed its first artist-in-residence, director and producer John Valadez, to the university. Valadez, whose appointment will end Aug. 31, decided to take this opportunity to create a companion photography book to a 2010 PBS documentary he directed, wrote and produced entitled “The Longoria Affair.” The title references WWII veteran Felix Longoria.

Campus Safety Tips

Starting college is a very exciting time. It can be easy to get swept up in all the chaos of moving in, finding classes and making friends, which can sometimes cause students to neglect safety procedures.        

Texas State is a large campus with a total enrollment of over 35,000 students, and because of this, the university has implemented multiple safety features on campus that are available around the clock for students.

San Marcos to have first Pride celebration this fall

Pride, the most notable and widespread LGBTQIA event across the world, is making its debut in San Marcos September 5-7 to celebrate the city’s rapidly diversifying population.

The Pride San Marcos coordinator, Silvia Sandoval, is a longtime supporter of increasing city LGBTQIA event visibility. Sandoval said San Marcos is the perfect location for a pride event because it is one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S.

“We have a large LGBT community that could use the recognition,” Sandoval said.

While most national Pride celebrations take place between the months of June and July, Sandoval wanted to wait to hold the event until all the students were back to fully participate because Texas State is a large part of the San Marcos community.

Wittliff acquires Civil War memoir of Mexican-American

In the only known account by a Mexican-American serving during the Civil War, Santiago Tafolla wrote in his memoir of the racism he faced while serving in the Confederate army during the 19th century.

The Wittliff Collections, with help from the Texas Historical Foundation, was able to purchase the original, handwritten, 120-page manuscript from Tafolla’s family along with other artifacts from his life including photos, maps and other materials.

The Hitch: Mobile eatery adds new cuisines



The newest addition to The Hitch is MamboFreeze, a shaved ice and frozen treats truck run by owner Rena Williams. Having just arrived at The Hitch this past spring, Williams brings her experience of running a second MamboFreeze and the original MamboBerry, both located in Austin. It was William’s self-proclaimed “entrepreneurial drive” and love for food that inspired her to move to Austin and open a food truck, having only herself and one other staff member for the first year. Williams is now proud to employ 11 staff members in total.

Wittliffs given honorary doctorates from Texas State

Bill and Sally Wittliff, co-founders of the Wittliff Collections, received honorary doctoral degrees from the College of Liberal Arts Saturday at the 10 a.m. commencement ceremony.

The degrees, both Doctor of Letters, honoris causa, were awarded to the Wittliffs because of their significant and continuing contributions to creating and maintaining the collections. The Wittliffs became the 14th and 15th individuals to be honored in this way by the university.

Sally Wittliff said that receiving this honor is really an expression of the university appreciates their donors, and that they cannot be more appreciative for how much support they’ve received.  


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