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Austin ‘Dream Rock’ band, Emily Wolfe, does SXSW

A local band with a dreamy sound all its own stayed true to its Austin roots at the South by Southwest Music Festival.

This is the second SXSW visit for Emily Wolfe, a band named after its lead singer.

“It’s not super old-hat, but it’s definitely not our first year,” said Hannah Hagar, keyboardist and vocalist for the band.  

The band played three shows during the week of SXSW.

Last night of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' at SXSW features tribute to Austin

“To Austin, I can’t love you more.”

This was the theme of the March 21 taping of the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show during South by Southwest (SXSW). Host Jimmy Kimmel and guest Willie Nelson sang a love song of sorts to the city the show called home during the week of the festival. The late-night TV show was recorded in the Long Center for the Performing Arts March 16-20 with guests who took part in SXSW.

Dan Rather discusses the future of news at Interactive session

The last day of the South by Southwest Interactive Festival featured a keynote session with a journalism legend and one of the longest-serving senior White House advisors.

BuzzFeed CEO shares lessons of success at SXSW

The fourth day of the South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin featured panels, sessions and speakers from all areas of the tech, journalism, digital and pop culture fields.

Q&A with The Frail

The Frail, an independent electronic pop band from San Francisco, played five shows during the South by Southwest Music festival. Daniel Lannon, singer and synthesizer player, and Alex Cohen, bass and synthesizer player, met with The University Star Friday to discuss their music and the group’s experience at SXSW.

NB: You all met over Craigslist and recorded over half of your album without even meeting. Walk me through that process. How does that happen?

RedGorilla Music Fest stays free, independent during SXSW

RedGorilla Music Fest is a festival within a festival.

It takes place each year alongside the South by Southwest Music Festival in downtown Austin. Many festivalgoers may not know the free shows they’re seeing on Sixth Street are put on by RedGorilla. The festival runs March 16-March 21. 

The RedGorilla Music Fest launched 13 years ago under the name of DreamScapers Artist Showcase.

Brian Waymire, founder of RedGorilla, the festival began somewhat by chance.

Waymire said 13 years ago he was managing a band that lived in Austin and needed an opportunity to showcase.

Canadian singer-songwriter enchants SXSW

When one thinks of country music, the first things that come to mind are cowboy hats and Southern twangs, but not necessarily Canadians.

Lucette, whose real name is Lauren Gillis, is as Canadian musician in the Country/Americana genre making her South by Southwest Music Festival debut. The singer-songwriter wore a black cowboy hat paired with a chic black outfit and jet black hair to the press day at the HandleBar March 18 in downtown Austin. The ensemble fit well with the title of her debut album, "Black Is the Color."

The Edmonton-based artist landed in Austin at 1 a.m. Wednesday morning and hit the ground running.

“I’ve some barbeque, I’ve had some good weather—it’s great so far,” Lucette said.

Dan Rather discusses the future of news at Interactive keynote

The last day of the South by Southwest Interactive Festival featured a keynote session with a journalism legend and one of the longest serving senior White House advisors.

Dan Rather, veteran anchor and CEO of News and Guts, and Dan Pfeiffer, former White House senior advisor, spoke at ‘Breaking the News in the Age of Snapchat’ Tuesday at the Austin Convention Center. Andrew Bleeker, president of Bully Pulpit Interactive, moderated the two ‘Dans.’

The keynote speakers discussed the future of journalism, media platforms, the news business model and how people consume the news today.

“A press release is not news,” Rather said. “News comes after what the White House puts is out there.”

Appealing to viewers like you: PBS and NPR diversify and evolve

People are tired of the “white radio voice.”

This was something I wasn’t aware that I was unconsciously aware of. The popular Saturday Night Live sketch about ‘Schweddy Balls’ makes fun of the way two hosts on National Public Radio talk in a calm and controlled monotone voice. During my first podcast recording session for The University Star, the other student journalists and I made fun of this voice by imitating the SNL comedians who were imitating the NPR hosts.

Humanitarian drones and evolving tech at SXSW

Drones were a hot topic at the second day of the South by Southwest Interactive festival Saturday.

The panel 'Humanitarian Drones: locating Vietnam era bombs’ was one of four sessions that focused on the topic of drones and the technology related to them. At the panel put on in the Austin Convention Center, Adam Rabinowitz, associate professor at the University of Texas at Austin, and Ryan Baker, CEO and founder of Arch Aerial LLC, presented and took audience questions.

The panelists began by explain so industry acronyms for the audience. A drone can be called an “unmanned aerial system” or UAS. A bomb is often referred to as a UXO or “unexploded ordinance.”


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