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The University Star’s guide to navigating graduation

Congratulations, seniors. Four years (or maybe more) of dragging yourselves up and down stairs and hills, shotgunning Red Bulls during all-nighters at Alkek and sitting through Friday lectures the morning after Thirsty Thursday at The Square has all lead up to this—graduation. Earning a college degree is a huge accomplishment, but don’t get too excited—you’re not out of the woods yet. The commencement ceremony is a trial in itself. The University Star has compiled a comprehensive guide to help you survive your last hours as a Texas State student.

Officials should create “drunk tanks,” decriminalize public intoxication

In light of the decriminalization of public intoxication in both San Antonio and Houston, San Marcos and Hays County officials would be wise to pass a similar type of resolution, allowing students and residents a “get out of jail” free card for drunken mishaps.

Academic funding must remain top priority

Though it is important for university officials to shine a light on athletics, academics are the driving force behind Texas State and deserve just as much, if not more, time, effort and financial attention from administrators.

Tiffany Young and Sean Quiñones for ASG president, vice president

The Associated Student Government is frequently criticized for its lack of visibility and historical inability to impact its constituents. The editorial board has been pointing this out for years, but it still came as a shock to hear nearly every candidate for student body president and vice president admit the issue exists at Thursday’s debate hosted by The University Star.

M.R.S. degree mentality harmful to students

Female students should spend their college years discovering themselves and pursuing their dreams—no matter what people like “Princeton Mom” have to say.

Nationwide discussions about women and their place in society have been heated, especially in the wake of a recent debacle over comments made by the so-called “Princeton Mom.” Susan Patton wrote a letter to the editor to the Daily Princetonian urging female students to spend the majority of their time in college finding a husband rather than working toward a career, which is colloquially known as “getting an M.R.S. degree.”

Attending class must be priority for students

As the end of the semester approaches, it is important for students to remember they are generally better off attending class than not.

The University Star’s Spring Break Guide

Spring break’s limitless possibility for fun brings with it unlimited opportunities for trouble, danger and horrific tan lines. Not to fear, the editorial board is here with tips for spring break success to avoid getting thrown in the drunk tank or worse—looking like the inside of a leather handbag.

Decision to enact quiet zones positive change for city

Students and residents will finally be able to rest easy without the blaring of train horns as a result of much-needed improvements recently approved by city councilmembers.

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