Letter to the Editor

Earth day mercifully free of commercialization

How many holidays do we have? Martin Luther King Jr. Day in January, Valentine’s Day in February, Easter in March or April, Earth Day in April, Memorial Day in May and so forth.

Of those few examples, two were declared in my adulthood. New holidays take time to catch on and embed themselves in the culture. They can stray from their roots. Christmas is for consumerism. Veterans Day is to promote war. Thanksgiving is for football.

Letter to the Editor: National Nutrition Month

To whom it may concern: 

Balancing your schedule between classes, studying, friends, work and maybe even sleep, you may not give much thought to what your next meal will be. But before you grab that cheeseburger or pepperoni pizza, remember: what you put into your body today can set the stage for the rest of your life.

With March being National Nutrition Month, now is a good time to focus on making informed food choices.

Exxon gas station tacos better than Torchy's

The following is one reader’s opinion:

Brother Jed should be ignored

This is my fourth year at Texas State, and over the years, around this time of year I have always paid avid attention to one recurring event in particular. Brother Jed, a Christian “missionary” is getting ready to make his annual return to Texas State. He comes through Texas and hits several schools including our own. He brings with him a small group of like-minded individuals who spew hatred and vitriol, and every single year, we the student body give them exactly what they want—attention.

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