Rivers Wright

America needs to be Berned

At first glance, Bernie Sanders looks like the old man who plays chess by himself in the Pixar short.

However, behind those wire-rimmed glasses is a man who is quickly catching political ground and giving Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Democrats in the presidential election a run for their money.

Sanders, a seemingly backburner candidate for the elections, quickly generated heat after Tumblr users rallied around him by “signal boosting” Sanders as a perfect selection for president in 2016.

Local Amazon warehouse equals disaster

Amazon is a multinational corporation setting up a warehouse in the Hill Country. While this is a great business move, it is only a matter of time before the area is unfortunately transformed from a charming nature spot to just another Texas tech hub.

Amazon will be building an 855,000-square foot warehouse in San Marcos after receiving a tax incentive from the city of San Marcos. The warehouse will start construction on McCarty Lane this December and is expected to be finished January 2017.

Same sex couples still denied marriage

Almost a month after the Supreme Court ruled same-sex marriages constitutional, couples are still faced with ignorant adversity in states refusing to issue marriage licenses despite the new law, such as Kentucky and Alabama.

The opposition motivating the county clerks’ objections stems from a religious aversion to having their names printed on a piece of paper allowing the union of two people of the same sex. It is understandable to want to hold fast and hard to personal religious beliefs, but these beliefs are personal and do not belong in the workplace.

New gun laws up safety concerns

Guns and gun control have been at the center of media frenzies, riots and debates nationwide with people asking for stricter laws and more accountability for their misuse.

In order to insure a safer environment and society, stricter—not more lenient—gun laws are necessary.

Unfortunately, proponents of gun safety will not be able to breathe any easier any time soon with Senate Bill 11 (SB 11), or campus carry, on its way to taking effect next year. When SB 11 takes effect, students and random people will be allowed to walk around campus with a licensed, concealed handgun.

More than one person can be courageous

Courage comes in many forms. It can be seen on the front lines of our armed forces or in the face of Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce), on the cover of Vanity Fair.

This year, ESPN honored Jenner’s form of courage by awarding her with the Arthur Ashe Courage Award after her courageous decision to come out as a transgender woman. Even though the world is becoming more open-minded daily—notably in the recent landmark decision allowing same-sex marriage—transgenderism is something people are having a hard time grasping.

America meets change, Hillary for president

Hillary Clinton has officially thrown her hat into the ring for the 2016 presidency.

Clinton has a rough past. She ran for president once and quit the race and, most recently, was the center of an email scandal that left people questioning her motives.  

Initially America was not ready for the first black president, but history was made eight years ago when Barack Obama was sworn into office. The nation has dealt with good and bad during his presidency but is ultimately better for the change.

Alternative lodging offers unique but inconvenient experience

Alternative lodging company Airbnb recently announced it will start standardizing the overall experience and the way guests check into their accommodations with the help of companies like Guesty, City CoPilot and Beyond Pricing.

San Marcos in need of new or updated dog park

Dogs are practically a staple for college students in San Marcos. They should be properly rewarded for not only being wonderful companions but also for being proven stress relievers.   

Considering the amount of joy dogs bring to the lives of students, it should be easier to treat them to a nice park where they can run and play with their kind. Unfortunately, the only dog park right now is the sad, dry, brown patch of land across from the baseball stadium.

Stonewall still standing tall

It has been a while since Stonewall Warehouse opened its doors and let the sound of today’s pop hits flood the streets.

Within the first few months of opening, the club attracted so much attention that it earned the top spot as the highest-grossing club in San Marcos.

It kept the momentum up in the months that followed by offering theme nights and live performances that ranged from the Texas State salsa band to performances by local drag queens. 

Internet memes useful in PSAs

The world was seeing black and blue, or maybe white and gold, a few weeks ago when a picture of a dress, known as #TheDress, sparked international conversation.

During the very heated debate that took the world by storm, the South African division of The Salvation Army was quietly creating an ad that is downright ingenious and packs a powerful message.


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