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Texas State sets records at Baylor Invitational


Coach Dana Boone does not want to speak of the negatives of the Baylor Invitational. She is focusing on what the Texas State track and field team can take away to make itself better.

The Baylor Invitational had individual events that allowed Texas State to gauge where they are in the outdoor season. 

"There was some good things that happened," Boone said. "It wasn't a great meet, but it wasn't a bad meet."

Weather was a factor during the Baylor Invitational. Boone is waiting for a meet where the weather conditions will not be a hindrance for the team.  

Despite the setback, multiple Bobcats set personal bests at the Baylor Invitational.

Track and field to face top programs at new stadium


Big 12 opponents and with familiar faces await the Bobcats at the Baylor Invitational.

Coach Dana Boone said the team will enter the Baylor Invitational  ready for a challenge.

"It gave them some confidence, being able to compete and make the finals (at the Texas Relays) and then do well," Boone said. "I would believe that they go with confidence and (are) excited to compete and see if we can't improve on our performances from Texas Relays."

The invitational features schools from the Big 12 Conference such as Baylor, Oklahoma State, TCU and Kansas State. UT-Arlington, alongside Texas State, will represent the Sun Belt Conference.

Boone expects the team will perform to the best of its ability regardless of the competition.

Men's, women's teams honored at Texas Relays


The Texas State track and field team showed it can perform against the best athletes in the nation at the Texas Relays.   

"I think this was one of our best relays that we've had since we've been here," said Coach Dana Boone. "There was a lot of good performances across the board. I was very proud of how the Texas State track and field team represented us." 

Macahla Wesley (sophomore sprinter), Nia Dorner (sophomore sprinter), Marika Brown (sophomore sprinter) and Briana Adams (sophomore sprinter) ran a time of 3:39:54 in the women's 4x400-meter relay, placing third behind Purdue and Oklahoma. The time moved the women into first in the Sun Belt Conference.

Track and Field opens outdoor competition at Texas Relays


The Texas Relays, one of the biggest track and field meets in the country, will feature athletes from all over the nation as well as international competition. 

Coach Dana Boone said the meet will set the tone for the outdoor season by allowing the Bobcats to compete against the best collegiate programs in the United States.

“(It is) always the meet that everyone looks forwards to,” Boone said. “Kicks off the outdoor season. We are excited about running, and the plan is to go up there and have a good showing.”   

The Bobcats will be recognized nationally if they make the finals. 

Track and Field starts outdoor season at TCU Invitational


The TCU Invitational signaled the start of the outdoor season for the Texas State track and field team.

It was Texas State's first meet since the Sun Belt Conference Indoor Track & Field Championships. 

"We do it every year," Coach Dana Boone said. "Typically we have really good performances at this meet.”

Boone said the team allowed weather issues to affect them more than usual. The team will need to build up its mental toughness to overcome future issues. 

Boone pointed out positives to take away from the meet—Chelsie Decoud, freshman jumper; Sydni Willis, freshman hurdler and Macahla Wesley, sophomore sprinter.

Beyond the game: Anicka Newell, senior pole vaulter


For Anicka Newell, senior pole vaulter, competitive drive was never a question.

Newell’s drive is symbolized by a tattoo on her shoulder, which depicts a dragon and koi fish.

"I got it because of a Japanese saying that when a koi fish swims up the river, it has to go through all the obstacles," Newell said.  "If it doesn't die or get washed all the way back by the time it makes it all the way up the waterfall, it turns into a dragon." 

Her approach involves using past experiences—good or bad—and applying them in order to become better.

"Really it's just the internal drive that I think every athlete has," Newell said. "Either you have it or you don't, and I know that I have it. I know that I'm going to keep working toward the things that I want most." 

Men, women record victories in conference championship


Coach Dana Boone’s plan for the Texas State track and field team was for everything to come together in the Sun Belt Indoor Conference Championships. 

The women took first place while the men finished in third place, coming in 13 points behind Sun Belt Conference champion Arkansas State. 

The Bobcats won five events on the first day and seven on the final day.

"This team was well-prepared across the board," Boone said. "The one thing that you know as a coach (is) that you can't get out there and run the race for them. You can't compete for them. All you can do is put them in a position where they're physically ready to perform at a high level, and I feel like as a coaching staff we have done that." 

Track and Field tunes up before conference championships


Coach Dana Boone hopes she has not seen the best of the Texas State track and field team with the Sun Belt Indoor Conference Championships next week.

“The pieces are coming together,” Boone said. “We’ll just keep going back and working for this last week and a half and get back at it. The plan is—at conference is where all the magic will come together. Everything that you've been working on all season comes together.”

The Houston Invitational was the Bobcats’ final meet to prepare for the indoor championships.

Track and field competes in Texas A&M Invitational


The Texas State track and field team set three new school records at the Texas A&M Invitational.

The women placed fifth at the meet, while the men placed second matching their performance from earlier this season at College Station.

"We were just focusing on certain areas," Coach Dana Boone said. "We're only a couple weeks out from conference and we're just trying to get some quality races under our belt."

Marika Brown, sophomore sprinter, set a new school record in the indoor women's 200 meter with a time of 24.06 seconds that moved her to the top spot within the SBC.  Fellow sophomore sprinter, Macahla Wesley, also set a new personal record in the 200 meter with a time of 24.26 and is now third in the SBC.

Track and Field sets records at Howie Ryan Invitational


The Texas State track and field team earned a spot on the U.S. Track and Field and Cross Country Coaches Assosciation’s regional rankings for its performance at the Howie Ryan Invitational.

The Texas State men’s team is ranked sixth in the South Central Region. The women’s team placed seventh.

The performance was reassuring for Coach Dana Boone but did not reach her expectations.

"We're definitely making moves to be conference-ready,” Boone said. “Even though everything didn't go exactly the way I hoped, there were still a lot of good performances. From a conference perspective we're on track and we're doing what we need to do."      

Darian Brown, senior thrower, set school records in the weight throw and shot put.


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