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Abstinence-only sex education harmful to health

Abstinence-only sex education isn’t working. 

The goal of encouraging students to abstain from hormonal urges is succeeding in instilling stigma, but it is not in educating students to be more knowledgeable and conscientious of their sexual habits. 

Talk It Out: Democrats likely to win next presidential election

The political climate in the United States has undoubtedly become more partisan than ever.

The coveted spot for the 2016 presidency remains in the sights of the Democratic and Republican Parties. However, there might not be as much competition for the spot given both the hype of the Democratic base and the lackluster performance of the Republican Party’s presidential campaigns.

Local gentrification inevitable part of growth, expansion

If history teaches anything about developing cities, it’s that gentrification is almost always an inevitability.

Native San Martians and devoted transplants can argue it is already taking place, but honestly, it seems the worst has yet to come for students and citizens alike.

Media should be considerate toward trans community

If news and media reflect the opinions and priorities of the time, then American society has got some serious soul-searching to do.

The recent coverage of Bruce Jenner’s alleged transition to life as a woman has been incredibly telling. These incidents display a startling lack of professionalism in news media and a large amount of blatant disregard for the transgender community.

Stem cell research positive for humanity

Since the inception of stem cell research, controversy has unfortunately dominated much of the debate without properly considering the potential benefit it may bring to humanity.

Talk It Out: Social anxiety presents real struggle for students

Students with social anxiety issues are constantly in a battle with themselves and their environment.

While today’s culture promotes a stigma against those with social anxiety, people should attempt to learn more about what it’s like to be in their shoes.

Police body cameras necessary, increase transparency

In light of recent cases involving officers using deadly force against unarmed citizens, a major conversation has been formed about the need for police body cameras and increased officer accountability.

While body cameras may increase transparency and accountability, a heightened effort must be executed to ensure police officers are competent and responsible enough to maintain a status as enforcers of the law.                    

Obama criticized for absence from Paris March

Criticism against the Obama administration took up the newly vacant space in the airwaves and bylines as national conversation about the Charlie Hebdo attack simmered down.

Recent state textbook revisions based on biases, not fact

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the drama over education.

Last September emotions all over the state went wild when members of the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) reviewed textbooks by publishers that contained an unprecedented amount of revisionism and flat-out inaccuracies. Publishing companies included within this barrage of misinformation were McGraw Hill, Cengage Learning, Discovery Education, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Pearson and Learning Worldview Software.

Google Glass at Texas State

The School of Journalism and Mass Communication has acquired Google Glass to use as a learning tool.


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