Kendall Precup

Commissioners seek location for youth agricultural facility

Though county commissioners recently voted in favor of relocating a youth agricultural facility to Texas State’s Freeman Ranch, the university came to the conclusion the facility cannot be placed on the university’s land.

The Hays County Civic Center, which closed in October due to the need for renovations and repair, housed the agricultural facility where Hays County students practiced, participated and showed animals for FFA, according to information released by the county. Texas State was contacted in August about the possibility of moving the facility to Freeman Ranch, said Bill Nance, vice president for Finance and Support Services.

Bobcat Club revamps Young Alumni Program

Bobcat Club staff have revamped the Young Alumni Program in hopes of attracting more recent graduates to the program.

Bobcat Club staff are trying to create a realistic situation for recent graduates to give back to Texas State, said Joshua Whittenburg, coordinator of the Bobcat Club. There are many opportunities to become involved with the Young Alumni program, Whittenburg said. Bobcat Club sends out a personal letter to each graduate and connects via email.  They get in touch with the registrar’s office to receive all of the names of those who have applied for graduation. From there they send out a post card in all of the diploma packets that advertises the Young Alumni Program.

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