Ryan Pittman

Graphic video games do not contribute to youth violence despite misconceptions

Despite many popular assumptions, students must understand there is no significant link between violent video games and children who display such behavior in real life.

Many children nowadays spend a significant amount of their free time playing video games. From educational, to hand held devices to next generation consoles, video games are a popular source of entertainment for kids of all ages. The question often arises—do these games have a long-lasting negative effect on kids? My answer is no.

Students should choose local establishments over national chains

Texas State students should take small San Marcos businesses into consideration when shopping or eating at restaurants.

Local small businesses need all the support they can get. Large chains are not automatically superior even if they gained their status from mass appeal. For instance, Gumby’s Pizza is a San Marcos native, but rivals top chain deliveries such as Domino’s and Papa John’s in town. Gumby’s Pizza is my first choice every single time I am craving pizza. Its unique topping selection and modern ordering system is very appealing to me as a young adult.

Career choices, not sexism drive wage gap in workforce

Although the wage gap between men and women still exists, it is not indicative of sexism in the work force.
Gender equality is an issue all students should be educated about. There has been too much fighting between genders in the past decade when, in actuality, both men and women should be working to form a society where they are treated equally. Sexist ideologies that insist one gender is better than the other need to be eliminated.

Religious organizations should use different methods to spread awareness

Some religious organization affiliates on campus should take a different approach when reaching out to students walking to class.

It is commonplace for students to be handed fliers while on their way to class. Oftentimes these fliers are presented with a short statement summarizing the content of the message. Some religious organizations use a different approach, however. Shoving Bibles into the hands of a student with a busy schedule is annoying and unnecessary. I understand these groups are trying to promote their causes, but this is a university, not a market.

Students should decrease intake of caffeine for health benefits

Texas State students should be aware of the long-term effects beverages such as soda and coffee can have on their bodies.

Habitual intake of soft drinks can be harmful to the body. Granted, having an occasional soda with a meal every now and then is harmless. Having more than two or three a day, however, can lead to some health risks. Cutting soda out of one’s diet or simply decreasing its intake can significantly improve health.

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