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A much-needed educational guide on newsworthiness

Apparently some people need an education on Journalism 101 and, like always, I am more than happy to educate the ill-informed—it is frankly one of my favorite pastimes.

On August 24, the University Star ran a news article on the arrest nine people, including two Texas State students, five San Marcos residents and social media giant Shawn Oneychi, better known as “Big Neechi.” All of a sudden the paper was met with all kinds of criticism. Students debated and critiqued the decision to run a news story on a student—and a black one at that.

America's gun culture fueled on-air shooting of journalists

Screw your gun culture, America—it costs too many lives and continues to put everyone at risk of falling victim to its encroaching grasp.

Tragedy struck on the morning of Aug. 26 when disgruntled former WDBJ-TV employee, Vester L. Flanagan II, shot and killed two journalists on live television. It is an upsetting story and my heart and condolences go out to those affected by one man’s senseless, horrific quest for revenge.

ACT, SAT scores are meaningless

The SAT and ACT test have been long wrought with criticisms that they are biased and pointless to a student’s actual continued success.

George Washington University has become the latest and largest university to denounce SAT and ACT test in their admissions process. Instead, they are going for a holistic view of a student’s progress, abilities and drive. This is the wave of the future for standardized testing.

Right-wing conspiracy against Planned Parenthood baseless

Planned Parenthood has made national headlines as right-wing “activists” have tried to discredit, dissuade and destroy a much-needed service for women and children of low socio-economic status.

The intent of their “investigation” is obvious: shame, vilify and ultimately defund the non-profit organization. However, the outcome has exposed the deceitful depths to which some conservatives will go in order to secure a victory in their ever-losing culture wars.

Call white supremacy by its name—terrorism

Tragedy struck the black community again in what seems like an endless fury of racial dehumanization and systematic violence—violence that took the lives of nine innocent civilians for no other reason than the fact of being born black in an all too often anti-black world.

This was an act of terror and as a country it needs to be questioned, indicted and convicted for what it was: racism, white supremacy and yes Fox News, terrorism.

Battle for marriage equality won, but the fight continues

Ding, dong the witch is dead. All the bans against same-sex marriage have officially sounded the wedding bells as nationwide same-sex marriage is no longer a fantasy, but a reality and boy does it feel good.

Disaster strikes, time to grow up

Amidst a disaster of unprecedented proportions, one would imagine people would act civilly, with concern and compassion. Those people underestimate the grand self-importance of young college kids.

Disaster hit big-time in San Marcos over Memorial Day Weekend. To the shock and awe of absolutely no one, stupidity hit just as quickly and just as hard. Social media was abuzz with the typical invincible clamoring of pesky and narcissistic wannabe adults.

Bruce Jenner ‘trans’cends barriers, aims to inspire others

Bravo to Bruce Jenner for knocking down barriers and transcending expectations by finally being true to who he is after 65 years of living in an internal hell.

Regulation of powdered alcohol unnecessary

Bobcats’ favorite grownup beverage has gotten a powdery revamp and may be coming to a store near you just in time for summer.

Ted Cruz, Republican unappealing to young voter demographic


Buh-bye, Republicans.


Non-partisan statisticians and liberal pundits everywhere have projected a decrease in Republican success as the future seems to get bleaker for the right-wing.

The tides have began to shift as the United States continues to get less white, old people die out and this generation’s young men skew more liberal than previous groups.


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