Alexis Aguirre

‘Slut shaming’ unacceptable attitude toward female sexuality

Women should be allowed to embrace their natural sexuality without harassment or fear of being criticized.

Students need to understand that sex is an emotional, physical and, above all, natural thing. Embracing one’s sexuality can include an assortment of factors ranging from knowing likes and dislikes in the bedroom to being able to talk openly about sex and items linked to it.

Negative connotations of ‘bossy’ detrimental to female confidence

The word “bossy” feeds into the gender stratification that places leadership roles with men and gives negative connotations to any female who breaks away from submissive roles.

“Ban Bossy” is a campaign created by Facebook C.O.O. Sheryl Sandberg and the Girl Scouts organization. The campaign is all about extinguishing the word “bossy” and promoting leadership among young girls.

Women should not face judgment, ridicule for opting out of motherhood

Women should not be met with opposition when choosing to have a career in lieu of children— the choice is a personal one and should not be defined as good or bad by society.

Students should use recreation center to exercise, not fraternize

Although the Student Recreation Center can be a great place to meet people while working out, students should make sure their main focus when using the center’s facilities is fitness and not flirting.

The recreation center is a place for students to work out and get in shape—it is not intended to be a real-life eHarmony. The rec is not the place to scope out dating prospects or gossip. Students should only go to the gym when they want to actually work out.

Foreign language skills important for graduates

In a world where knowledge of multiple languages is becoming increasingly valuable, foreign language fluency is vital to a well-rounded education.

Texas State officials should require foreign language classes as part of the core curriculum. While some degrees already require language credits to graduate, many do not. University officials should recognize the importance of foreign language proficiency by requiring four language credits for all majors.

National drinking age should be lowered to 18

People 18 years and older are considered adults and should be treated as such by being allowed to legally purchase and consume alcohol.

Elders must not assume student voters are ignorant

College students are informed enough to make their own decisions regarding politics and play a crucial role in the voting world.

I have had enough of the stereotype that college students know nothing except how to party and use Twitter. It is beyond annoying to constantly receive raised eyebrows and condescending remarks from older folks when I try to talk about politics. I listen to National Public Radio (NPR), I can understand conversational references to politics and I know what I am talking about—why is that so hard to believe?

On-screen nudity should represent women of all sizes

The entertainment industry has chosen a narrow, cookie-cutter version of beauty when displaying nude women on screen—an ideal that needs to be changed so women of all shapes and sizes can be represented and embraced without criticism.

Students should not generalize ethnicities

Students should avoid generalizing ethnicities into stereotypical caricatures and understand that people are comprised of more than their last names and skin colors.

Single students should be positive on Valentine’s Day

Single students should not waste their time bashing Valentine’s Day—Bobcats should either find the fun in the holiday or just ignore it completely.


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