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Get to know: Sara Rupp, freshman catcher

CR: What is your biggest fear?

SR: I think my biggest fear is drowning. I like water, but I have to be able to touch the bottom, I’m not a very good swimmer.


CR: What’s your favorite movie of all time?

SR: Probably Furious 7. I went and saw it last week and liked it a lot.


CR: What did you want to be when you were little?

Get to know: Ayriel Anderson, junior guard

PL: Who is your favorite basketball player? Why?

AA: Allen Iverson. To me, he was a crafty guard who ran his team but also could put the team on his back. Everybody loved his crossover, and I liked how he could cross anybody over to get by them. And he can shoot.

PL: How long have you played basketball?

AA: Since I was really small—about 4 or 5 years old. I played in the Boys and Girls Club.

PL: What’s one of your hobbies off the court?

AA: I’m literally a basketball fanatic. All I watch is basketball, so whether it's on my phone, on the computer or the games that are on television—when I'm not playing basketball, I’m watching basketball.

Get to know: Cameron Naylor, junior forward

SF: If you could have a super power, what would it be?

CN: To be invisible.

SF: Describe the moment you fell in love with basketball.

CN: I don’t think there was a moment. I think it’s more so a process. I fell in love with the process, with going to the gym and getting better. Ever since I started playing, I love loved playing basketball.

SF: Who knows you best on the team?

CN: I know everyone. I am pretty cool with everyone on the team.

SF: Who is your favorite NBA player and why?

CN: Kevin Durant. No reason why. He is just Kevin Durant.

Get to know: Cody Lovejoy, senior outfielder

MM: If you could rename yourself, what would it be and why?

CL: These are really hard questions. I would never change my last name, that’s for sure.

MM: Do you know why your parents chose your name?

CL: My dad. He ropes and does rodeo a lot, so he told me they got “Cody” from Buffalo Bill Cody.

MM: What do you say to impress a girl?

CL: Just hit them with that ‘I play baseball.’ No, no, you can’t do that.

MM: What makes you proud?

Get to know: David Paiz, senior infielder

MM: If you could rename yourself, what would it be and why?

DP: I’ll probably just stick with my name: David.

MM: Do you know why your parents chose your name?

DP: My dad is David Sr. He wanted to keep the name going, so I’m David Jr.

MM: Is there any hashtag that appropriately describes you?

DP: #TigerWoodsLifestyle. I’m just trying to live his lifestyle, you know?

MM: The same Tiger Woods that cheated on his wife?

DP: No, no, see, I’m not married so it doesn’t—I don’t know, just his golf game, really.

Get to know: Cory Geisler, junior pitcher/outfielder

QR: Cake or pie?

CG: Definitely pie, unless it’s a cookie cake. I’m not a big cake fan.

QR: Would you rather have a dragon or be a dragon?

CG: I’m not really into that dragon stuff, but honestly I’d rather be a dragon. He’s big, and fire comes out of your mouth. You can do whatever if you want. I’m not the bully type, but it would be pretty cool to overpower everyone.

QR: If you had to pick three people, dead or alive, to eat dinner with, who would they be?

Get to know: Courtney Harris, senior third baseman

CR: Do you have any nicknames that you go by on the softball team?

CH: All right, so Coach Woodard apparently thought I lived in the country because I’m from Dripping Springs, so she calls me “Big Country.” Honestly, it happened one year when we all got certificates from her, and she gave us all nicknames, and mine was “Big Country.” You’ll have to ask her for the real reason behind it. I don’t like it.

CR: What is a hobby you enjoy during your free time?

CH: I enjoy going to the lake. My family has a boat and a lot on the lake, so we go there a lot during the summer and wakeboard and tube.

CR: Do you have a favorite movie?

Get to Know: John Thompson

AG: What made you want to become a coach?

JT: My dad was a coach. I grew up just seeing it, living it. He coached everything—basketball, football, baseball and track. I knew I wanted to be from three or four years old.

AG: What would you be doing right now if you weren’t coaching football?

JT: That’s a good question. I’d be going crazy. I was an athletic director for one year at UCA (University of Central Arkansas), and I loved it, but I just love being around the players. Coaching is something you live. It’s a 24-hour, 365-day job.

AG: What is the biggest accomplishment you’ve had so far as a coach?

Kaylan Martin, senior guard

Kaylan Martin dribbling the ball down court

CW: What’s your favorite type of music?
KM: My favorite type of music is hip-hop.

CW: What motivates you?
KM: I’m very goal driven. I’ve always been playing to win a ring. It didn’t happen in high school. Now it’s my senior year in college, and I’d love to win a ring.

CW: Do you have a pre-game ritual?
KM: I try to focus, pray and listen to music before my games.

CW: How do you feel after a close win?
KM: I feel accomplished. Those types of wins are fun—it’s like a battle.

CW: If you could go on a date with any celebrity who would it be?
KM: LeBron James.

Get to Know: Briana Sharp

CC: What is your favorite movie?
BS: “I Am Legend,” because honestly sometimes I wish that would happen to me—it would be so cool.

CC: What is your favorite book?
BS: “48 Laws of Power,” it’s a self-help book that helps you deal with people and situations and things like that.

CC: What is your favorite genre of music and who is your favorite music artist?
BS: R&B. Chris Brown. He doesn’t even have to sing, he could just talk and I would be happy.

CC: Who is your favorite actor and actress?
BS: I would say Denzel Washington and Halle Berry.

CC: What is your favorite TV show?
BS: Can I say SpongeBob? I mean it’s so easy, and it’s always on.


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