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Get to Know: Ty Harrington


KJ: Who is a Major League ballplayer you really like to watch?
TH: I would say Paul Goldschmidt just because I coached him, and it’s nice to see him play. Derek Jeter is also someone I like watching.

KJ: Who was your favorite team growing up?
TH: The New York Yankees. I am from Waco and both my parents went there (Baylor), so I enjoyed watching the Baylor Bears.

KJ: What team do you enjoy watching in baseball?
TH: The major league teams I watch are the Texas Rangers and the Houston Astros. I enjoy watching my favorite team—the Yankees—when I can.     

Get to Know: Ricci Woodward

IJ: Did you always want to be a coach?
RW: I didn’t always coach softball. I’ve coached a little bit of everything. I’ve coached in the junior highs, volleyball, basketball and track. Softball’s always been my first love, so that’s what I was always looking for—the right softball job.

IJ: What was your favorite memory as a player?
RW: I played at New Mexico State so it was the in-state rivalries with the University of New Mexico. In the state of New Mexico those were the only Division I schools, so that made for a good in-state rivalry. In Texas, we have a lot of them. In college, those are the things I remember most.

Get to Know: Ali Hubicsak, freshman libero

CM: Who’s your favorite movie character and why?
AH: Forrest Gump. My dad showed it to me when I was little and I’ve loved that movie ever since.

CM: Whom is your celebrity crush?
AH: Channing Tatum, by far.

CM: What would you order to eat on a first date?
AH: On the first date, I would probably order steak. If I’m getting taken out for steak, it’s a good day.

CM: If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
AH: I would want to be able to jump super high to use it to my advantage in volleyball.

CM: Who’s your favorite athlete?
AH: I would say Manu Ginóbili. I am a huge Spurs fan and he’s super energetic all the time.


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