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New apartment complex being built at corner of Craddock, FM 12

A new apartment complex with an estimated August 2014 completion date will bring student living to what is previously a predominantly single-family area in San Marcos.

Construction is underway on the Capstone Cottages apartment complex at the corner of Craddock Avenue and FM 12. The new complex will accommodate 899 residents, said Jen Wilson, vice president of sales for Capstone Cottages. Many leases for the complex have already been signed, Wilson said.

There is currently no Texas State tram running to the area. Capstone Cottages will not be using the university tram services or bus loops, according to Steve Herrera, manager of the Texas State shuttle service.

Survey reveals students, seniors with on-campus jobs have higher GPAs

Texas State students who work more than 20 hours per week off campus have lower GPAs than those who work the same amount per week on campus, according to the National Survey of Student Engagement.

About 1,000 first-year freshmen and approximately 2,000 seniors responded to the survey at Texas State during the spring 2013 semester. Students were asked how many hours they spent in a typical seven-day week working for pay on and off campus.

The university does not store employment data in a way to compare overall GPAs with work hours across the student body as a whole, according to Susan Thompson with Institutional Research.

Voters approve possible solution for statewide water shortages

Legislators are one step closer to implementing solutions for the statewide water supply shortage as a result of the passage of Proposition 6 by voters Tuesday.

Proposition 6, a state constitutional amendment, is intended to help with the state’s water conservation and spending, said Merry Klonower, director of communications for the Texas Water Development Board. The state experienced its driest year ever in 2011 with an average of 14.8 inches of rain, according to the Energy and Environment Reporting for Texas website.

New mobile app allows San Marcos residents to stay connected

San Marcos officials recently teamed up with web development company PublicStuff to launch a mobile app designed to keep residents and students better connected with the city.

The app, “SMTX Connect,” was released Sept. 25 and allows users to submit concerns, requests for service, questions and comments to city officials.

As of Oct. 23, the app has racked up 191 downloads from iTunes and has been downloaded 74 times from the Google Play store, said Trey Hatt, City of San Marcos communications specialist.

The app cost the city just under $50,000 for five years of upcoming service, he said. In the next five years, the app will receive development, maintenance and support from PublicStuff, Hatt said.

Tumblr manager advises students on social media

A manager from the social media company Tumblr gave students advice about crafting a professional online presence via Skype interview Wednesday as part of Mass Comm Week.

Annie Werner, product marketing and community manager at Tumblr, said she has been working there for three years and has held many different job titles. She said within technology-based fields, every professional needs to be flexible and able to do more than one specific task.

Werner said she originally set out to be a journalist, but once she started looking for a job she realized there were more opportunities within the technology field.

Professor builds, rides electric bikes

For anthropology professor Jim Garber, riding his bike to campus is the highlight of his day.

Garber can be seen riding his electronic bike around campus, a hobby he began about five years ago.

Garber said he has owned 10 to 15 different bikes throughout the past few years. Some of the bikes he owns are premade, while some he restores and assembles by using kits.

“Sometimes I’ll get on Craigslist and see one that isn’t running anymore and is a great price,” Garber said. “I’ve learned how to fix them and put them all together.”

Garber said the electronic bike he uses daily can reach speeds of 20 mph and travel about 30 miles on one charge, which cost about 4 cents and lasts him roughly a week.

Athletes’ academic performance higher than average

According to a recent study, Texas State student athletes have higher GPAs than the overall campus population and other athletic programs in the state, which officials credit to support from faculty and staff members.

The study, conducted by the Athletic Academic Center at Texas State, shows the average overall Texas State cumulative GPA was 2.77 with a graduation success rate of 57.3 percent. Student athletes at Texas State had a cumulative GPA of 2.81 with a graduation success rate of 69 percent.

Texas State athletes also have higher graduation success rates than student athletes at other public schools in the state, according to the study.

North LBJ reconstruction to begin in October

The area of North LBJ Drive intersecting Sessom Drive up to Holland Street will undergo major road construction and landscape alterations beginning in October, lasting approximately 18 months.

The most significant changes to the area will be a newly-paved, 14-foot shared road and a 5- to 8-foot sidewalk that will be available on both sides of the road, according to a presentation given to residents during a neighborhood meeting Sept. 16. Texas State students living further down North LBJ will be able to use the improved road and new sidewalks to travel to class without having to wait for buses, said Shaun Condor, San Marcos city project engineer.

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