Ryan Jeanes

Chartwells should provide 24-hour dining hall options

Every college student has been there—you squint and blink at the textbook in front of you, trying desperately to focus. Perhaps filling the void in your stomach with orange chicken will help stave off the pangs of anxiety for your exam in the morning. As you trek across campus, the promise of Panda Express putting an extra spring in your step, your dream of a late-night meal at Jones Dining Hall comes crashing down when you glance at your watch—it’s 3 a.m. No dining halls are open.

Students must be aware of mental health issues, services

In light of the recent Fort Hood shooting, it is important for students to bolster their knowledge of mental health issues, make sure they are aware of the signs and symptoms in others and know what resources are available to them if needed.

Graduate assistant wage boost beneficial for students, university

The much-needed graduate assistant salary increase effective Sept. 1 will be a win-win situation for both students and the university.

According to an April 3 University Star article, graduate teaching, research and instructional assistants will receive a $2,000 raise for two semesters of work. This raise will not only benefit graduate assistants, some of whom currently have to work multiple jobs to supplement their meager incomes, but will also help the university with recruitment of its graduate programs.

Elimination of ASG ticketing increases fairness, credibility

Promotional material bearing a hyphenated pair of last names typically appears across Texas State each year in the days that close March and begin April. Every year when election season rolls around, signs and posters promoting the various Associate Student Government hopefuls vying for senatorial, vice presidential or presidential positions appear on every free square inch of space on campus. seemingly overnight.

Faculty-only dining areas completely unneccessary

The construction of a faculty-only dining hall is an absurd suggestion that would appropriate funds that could be better used on projects to benefit students.

According to a March 6 University Star article, several faculty senators have expressed desires for a faculty-only dining area on campus. Simply put, this proposed dining area, which would presumably be paid for through student tuition and fees, is ludicrous idea.

Chartwells not adequately serving students

Chartwells is failing to adequately serve the student population of Texas State, and it is time for administrators to consider whether they should renew the food service provider’s contract in the future.

Athletic marketing at Texas State severely lacking

Improving the visibility of the Texas State athletics department is a conundrum. Much like effort of the university as a whole to improve its status and recognition, raising the standards and quality of Bobcat athletics will take time and patience. In the meantime, one of the most basic and important branches of the athletics department must be refined—marketing.

Bobcats must take advantage of Open Door sessions

Students are notorious for complaining about university policies, but Bobcats no longer have an excuse to criticize without taking action since more Open Door sessions with the university’s top administrator are available this semester.

Bobcats have always been vocal when it comes to expressing their opinions about the university’s functions. When it comes time to actually speak with President Denise Trauth about such issues, however, students are markedly absent.

New tax regulations make proper tipping more important than ever

Students and residents should educate themselves on tipping etiquette in light of a new regulation changing the way large-party gratuity is given to waiters and waitresses.

Texas State officials should strictly adhere to new weather procedures

In order for student safety to truly become the priority in inclement weather conditions, Texas State administrators need to adhere the new regulations they set for such situations and inform the community of any campus delays or closures in a timely manner.


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