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Blanco Vista Elementary implementing new tactics to improve campus climate after former principal resigns


Hays CISD officials are aiming to thaw “tense” relations at Blanco Vista Elementary School after instating a new principal.

Since the resignation of former principal Rebecca Shea, Sandra Valdez has been selected to fill the position. Shea resigned back in April as a result of the petition submitted by parents and faculty upset with her management style.

In response, Hays CISD officials plan to implement all recommendations from the findings of K12 Insight focus groups formed amid her resignation, said Tim Savoy, public information officer for Hays CISD.

"We heard the folks that protested and we're gonna do a better job on our end to address those complaints more thoroughly and quickly," Savoy said.

Coffee trouble brewing in the honors college


An “existential coffee crisis” is brewing among those who rely on the honors college coffee shop for their daily dose of caffeine.

The coffee shop, housed in Lampasas Hall, provides free caffeine for the university’s faculty and students. The honors college recommends consumers make a donation of 50 cents per cup of coffee, said Heather Galloway, dean of the honors college.

Galloway said the 50-cent donation guideline has been in practice for a decade, but may now increase to 75 cents.

"The coffee is here to promote interaction in the honors college,” Galloway said. “We hope we can continue to be able to offer that."

City council candidate Melissa Derrick visits College Democrats meeting


Melissa Derrick, Place 6 city council candidate, attended Texas State’s College Democrats meeting on Wednesday evening.  

College Democrats formally endorsed Melissa Derrick unanimously. After eating pizza and distributing yard signs, Derrick took questions from students.

When asked how she will keep people in San Marcos with the issue of gentrification, Derrick pointed to jobs.

“We’ve got a regional economic development team working in conjunction with an incentives board,” Derrick said. “We’ve also got Amazon. The jobs have decent wages with benefits, which is something San Marcos is seriously lacking.”

Unanimous interest among city council regarding hands-free ordinance council


City council members expressed interest in passing a hands-free ordinance for San Marcos last night.

Chief of San Marcos Police Department Chase Stapp presented two models of the potential hands-free ordinance to city council at Tuesday’s meeting.

San Marcos is the only city on I-35 between San Antonio and Austin without an ordinance enforcing “hands-free “driving. Ordinances restricting phone use exist in nearby cities Austin, Buda, Kyle, Schertz and New Braunfels.

“To use a phone (while driving) is defined as any activity that requires you to have the device in your hand,” Stapp said.

City council candidates Scott Gregson, Melissa Derrick host joint meet and greet


Supporters for city council candidates Melissa Derrick and Scott Gregson filled Café on the Square Monday evening for a joint meet and greet.

Scott Gregson, Place 5 candidate, and Melissa Derrick, Place 6 candidate, decided to host a joint meet and greet because they share similar visions regarding the future of San Marcos. 

“(Derrick) shares a number of the same ideas and visions of San Marcos to maintain the coolness," Gregson said.

Both candidates displayed passion for many of the same key issues said to be facing San Marcos, including incompatible housing, irresponsible development and a dynamic downtown economy.

“I’m certain we’ll have areas of disagreement, but definitely more agreements than disagreements,” Gregson said.

San Martians celebrate SMTX Pride parade over the weekend


Amongst billowing rainbow flags, Mayor Daniel Guerrero proclaimed Sept. 12 to be official Gay Pride Day of San Marcos at the pride parade this past Saturday.

"I call upon the people of San Marcos to show their support in understanding and to speak for tolerance, justice and dignity for all of our citizens," Guerrero said.

The parade began at Dunbar Park and ended in Park Plaza, where citizens, vendors and members of local and university-based organizations marched in support of the LGBTQIA community.

Same-sex couples joined together to be married on the day of celebration atop the Park Plaza stage. The ceremonies were performed for free by Scottie McIntyre Johnson, minister of San Marcos Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.

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