Kambiz Shabankareh

Local poverty rates cause concern amid growing student body, development

As San Marcos grows and continues to attract large corporations, some residents fear the economic disparity between the middle class and poverty will increase.

Stephanie Foster, Texas State graduate student and researcher at the Texas Municipal Courts Education Center, said she foresees conflicting interests as development increases.

“By growth in population, poor neighborhoods are starting to exhibit some sign of evolution,” Foster said. “The backlash of the development will make the neighborhood expensive and then poor people have to move out.”

According to U.S. Census Bureau, the average income per capita, in past 12 months of 2013, in San Marcos has been $15,916, while people in Austin have earned nearly twice their neighbor town ($31,990).

Banana, Banana!

Minions is a fantastic film.

There are millions of people to back me up on this. It is a smart movie and gives a new window into cinema that is neither overly sentimental, like Frozen, nor overly violent, like Kill Bill.

The key to success for the story is combining violence with sentiment, softening the violence and pulling up the sentiment to something more believable. Yes, more believable, like the characters of the movie—the people of New York and London—who accept Minions as they are without even questioning why they are small or yellow.

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