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Tennis accounting for high-altitude in Colorado


The state of Colorado is known for its high altitude, which differs from the backdrop of the Texas State tennis team’s last tournament in Cancun, Mexico.

It will present a different set of challenges, but Coach Tory Plunkett is not too worried.

“Our strength and conditioning coach said he’s going to bring straws so while we are going to be doing strength and conditioning we are going to have to breathe through straws,” Plunkett said. “I hope he’s kidding.”

The Bobcats did not let the weather have any effect on their play in Mexico. Other teams, however, weren’t as prepared for the high humidity front.

Men's golf goes down swinging at St. Mary's Intercollegiate Invitational


The Texas State men’s golf team failed to get a quick start and was unable to get into any rhythm at the St. Mary’s Intercollegiate Invitational.

It was a tough outing for the team, who seemed to struggle with their swing the entire tournament. Coach Shane Howell wasn’t satisfied with the results.

“We played OK our first round. It put us in good position, but the last two days we played mediocre at best,” Howell said.

The course played a big factor in the tournament. It was a known challenge heading into the contest, but the course got the best of the players.

 “Unfortunately for us, we had a couple of players who couldn’t find their swing,” Howell said. “On this kind of course we cannot afford that, which led us to the kind of scores we had.”

Tennis, Rubio leave Mexico after impressive showing


The Texas State tennis team left its mark in Cancun, Mexico after an impressive start to the season in the Barcelo College Cup.

With some consideration before the tournament, Coach Tory Plunkett gave freshman, Yadira Rubio, the nod for playing in the No. 1 spot.

“I love her mentality and I needed to see if she can handle that pressure at playing this position," Plunkett said.

Even though she received high praise from Plunkett, Rubio was shocked that she was given the position to start the season.

“I knew I had to work hard like everyone else and also knew she had three returning players," Rubio said. ”It’s an honor but I was a little nervous.”

Tennis travels to Mexico to begin season


This year, the Texas State tennis team was introduced to a book called “Read This Book Tonight To Help You Win Tomorrow.”

Katy Collins, one of three returning players, read the book whenever she struggled during any of her matches.

In preparation for this season, Collins’ father has provided each player with her own copy of the book as the team begins the season Thursday in Cancun, Mexico for the Barcelo College Cup II.

“It has a lot of quotes and motivating advice and I read it before all of my competitions,” Collins said. “It worked really well with me, so we like to recommend it to everyone else.”

Collins reads the book before every match. Head Coach Tory Plunkett, who focuses on mental toughness, had high praise for the book.

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