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Texas State professors release book on gender equality

Two Texas State professors are receiving a great deal of feedback after their book exposing gender in professional kitchens hit the national spotlight. 

Deborah Harris and Patti Giuffre, professors of sociology, worked together to write Taking the Heat: Women Chefs and Gender Inequality in the Professional Kitchen.

The book takes a look at how gender in the world of professional chefs is split, what circumstances have led to this exclusion, and how women chefs feel about what they do compared to their male counterparts.

Harris said she came to the university in 2007 as a sociology professor specializing in qualitative research methods, but has always enjoyed focusing on gender inequality research.

Texas State's oldest singing group still growing

In 1947, a few men with a passion for singing came together to establish an acappella club at Texas State.

Almost 53 years later, the singing group has been transformed into Phi Mu Alpha, Texas State’s oldest active fraternity.

Kyle Day, music studies senior and president of Phi Mu Alpha, said tradition and music are still essential to the organization’s operations.

“It always had a lot of rich tradition—a lot of heavy musical references throughout it,” Day said. “It really grew and grew and grew throughout the ‘50s and ‘60s, but the 2000s is when it became the largest it’s ever been.”

Local band headlines at Cheatham Street Warehouse

When Cody Bryan performed in front of his high school graduating class, he never imagined it would be the start of his music career.  

The Cody Bryan Band, a Texas country group based in Austin, headlined at Cheatham Street Warehouse Sept. 18 to celebrate the release of their new album, Small Town Noise.

Cody Bryan, the lead vocalist of the band, said he fell in love with performing after he was asked to sing in front of the 500-600 members of his graduating class.

“My best friend held the microphone up for me, and I’ve been playing ever since,” Bryan said.

Bryan said the band has been touring on the road for almost a year and a half in cities around Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Students volunteer to rebuild flood-damaged homes

Texas State Community Relations has partnered with St. Bernard Project and United Way of Hays County to help victims of the Memorial Day weekend flood rebuild their homes.

The organizations are hosting Project Flood Relief Sept. 5 from 8a.m.-5p.m. in an effort to get student volunteers to contribute to the long-term rebuilding process.

Jordan Jimenez, outreach coordinator for Texas State Community Relations, said the project is an ongoing process with volunteers completing a variety of tasks.

“What we’re doing is trying to get the floors redone and the walls painted and stuff like that, just so it can be a home again,” Jimenez said.

Jimenez said the volunteer effort was slow during the summer because most students had gone home.

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