Stefan Whiteman | Staff Photographer

San Martians celebrate SMTX Pride parade over the weekend


Amongst billowing rainbow flags, Mayor Daniel Guerrero proclaimed Sept. 12 to be official Gay Pride Day of San Marcos at the pride parade this past Saturday.

"I call upon the people of San Marcos to show their support in understanding and to speak for tolerance, justice and dignity for all of our citizens," Guerrero said.

The parade began at Dunbar Park and ended in Park Plaza, where citizens, vendors and members of local and university-based organizations marched in support of the LGBTQIA community.

Same-sex couples joined together to be married on the day of celebration atop the Park Plaza stage. The ceremonies were performed for free by Scottie McIntyre Johnson, minister of San Marcos Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.

Community event draws in creative crowd

Students and San Marcos residents gathered at Zelicks Icehouse Aug. 30 for a night of art, shopping and music.

Martian Culture, inspired by ‘San Martian,’ a term used to describe locals, is a social gathering held on the last Sunday of every month in an effort to immerse attendees in local culture.

Daniel Currey, Zelicks manager and co-creator of the event, said he and Jody Cross, Martian Culture manager, came up with the idea last year.

“It started up based on a few other art events we had been seeing around and we just really wanted to create something for the community here in San Marcos,” Currey said.

Currey said he wasn’t sure how the event would be received when it first started.

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