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This is why Apple products suck

Apple sucks, plain and simple.

While Apple’s iOS system is one of the most popular mobile running systems in the world, many Apple consumers illegally jailbreak their devices to gain features Android users already have.

Apple has had eight chances to improve its mobile interface and give new and old users useful and fresh features.

FDA's new guidelines raise concerns of previous food quality

The Food and Drug Administration is finally doing its job now that the agency has set firmer health guidelines for U.S. and foreign food manufacturers to cut down foodborne illnesses.

Last week the FDA conjured up new rules against U.S. food manufacturers to prevent the amount of foodborne illnesses that occur yearly.

Talk it Out: Students should steer clear of Greek life

Greek organizations are often underscored by attitudes of extreme elitism, stereotypical and discriminative selection of members and boastful expressions of sexist and sexually profane ideals towards women.

Greek organizations were created to be philanthropic, driven and socially aware societies made of members who exemplify all of these traits, but it takes little cognition to realize this no longer the case.

Emploees of news stations now vulnerable bait for violence

The dangers of working for a news station nowadays are unimaginable, and so is the lack of security provided to employees.

Many Americans cling to television screens waiting for the best stories and information to be revealed. According to an Oct. 11, 2013 Pew Research Center study, 71 percent of Americans watch local TV news over a month’s time.

Talk It Out: Committing heinous crimes is grounds for being tried as an adult

There is never an excuse for heinous acts—not even in youth.

Just a year ago, a horrific crime was committed on a western Michigan playground. According to a CBS News report, a young boy, Michael Connor Verkerke, was stabbed repeatedly by his older, 12-year-old friend after playing on the playground.

The murderer knew what he did was wrong and even called the police to come pick him up. This boy is a monster and he should not get special treatment just because he is young. He killed someone’s child. Like any person in that scenario, he should face the consequences for it.

Movie theater security rightfully amped due to recent tragedies

Movie theaters are now another unfortunate place that Americans can no longer feel safe in.

People have taken for granted being able to buy a ticket, grab an extremely overpriced snack from concessions and catch a movie. It is now evident that times have changed.

Unveiling Ashley Madison unlawful invasion of privacy

The recent member identities leak of the controversial dating site Ashley Madison is heralded as a major exposure of adulterers and philanderers, but it brings to light important concerns of privacy.

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