Autumn Sprabary

Adding a deaf section to Bobcat Stadium good idea for university

A new season of football has begun at Texas State, but this year the football experience will mean a lot more to a specific group of students: the deaf.

Bobcat Stadium will now have a specific section for hearing-impaired students to enjoy the game and all the thrills just as much as everyone else. The addition of a section for deaf fans at Bobcat Stadium is probably the most exciting university-related announcement I have heard since classes started. The section, which is located on the 35-yard line, will seat up to 1,000 fans.

Aquarena Springs Overpass just another traffic headache

Traffic and headaches are about to get much worse here in San Marvelous thanks to the Aquarena Springs Overpass.

The Texas Department of Transportation released its plan to build an overpass on Aquarena Springs earlier this year and construction broke ground back in May.

The idea behind the overpass is a great one. Providing an alternate route for drivers to avoid trains running through the intersection at Post Road is something the city and university can benefit from.

Freshmen may be starting next year with a bang

School is back in session and that means a lot of things, especially for incoming freshmen. Many tips and tricks for how to succeed in college fill this paper, but university is not all tailgates and frat parties. Big changes are coming, and they affect underclassmen directly.

Texas recently signed Senate Bill 11 (SB11), otherwise known as the campus carry bill, into effect. This law allows students with a concealed handgun license to carry the weapon onto college campuses, so long as they are concealed.

Bobcats should avoid uber, safety hazard

Recently, college students everywhere have been enthusing over the transportation service called Uber. The convenience of using the Uber app to reserve a ride coupled with the low rates they offer makes using Uber a college kid’s dream, right? Wrong.

I have never personally used Uber—not only because I am cheap, but also because I have seen too many episodes of Criminal Minds. Regardless, I took it upon myself to come up with reasons why Uber is a lot more dangerous than it is portrayed.

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