Mikala Everett

Police brutality not just a black problem

It is important that we acknowledge all lives lost to law enforcers.

Sandra Bland and Freddie Gray have garnered major media attention, but many other cases of police brutality against minorities can fall to the wayside.

Police and law enforcement officials are employed to uphold the law and protect this country’s citizens. How are minorities or any individuals in this country supposed to feel safe when there are cases like Antonio Zombrano-Montes and Sureshbhai Patel’s occurring all across the country?

Eating less meat can save the world

Look, I’m not one to pass up a good cheeseburger or slice of pizza, but we could save the planet if everybody decided to cut down on animal product consumption just once a week.  

Every time people buy animal-based products such as meat or dairy, they are contributing to the depletion of forests, pollution of freshwater, degradation of soil and climate change. There have been many efforts to reduce the pollution us messy humans have caused, but none have been as effective as scientists would hope.

Ahmed Mohamed's teachers forgot what it means to be American

I am absolutely amazed by the world we live in today.

Instead of praising people for ingenuity and creativity, we jail them. Instead of spreading hope and love, we spread hate and fear. Instead of being decent human beings, we act like cowards. It is about time society says, “Enough is enough,” and dismantles this harmful mindset. 

Talk It Out: Effects of abuse should shield children from criminal responsibility

The jury on the case of the 13-year-old Jamarion Lawhorn from Michigan who stabbed 9-year old Michael Verkerke did not make the best decision they could.

Lawhorn is known to have suffered abuse at home abnd domestic abuse is known to have various effects on the behavioral, emotional and mental stability of children.

The effects of abuse can be severe and long lasting. Children suffering from the emotional trauma of abuse are known to exhibit self-harm.

Hilary Clinton's proposed college plan a positive for future students

If Hillary Clinton becomes president, then it is free college for everyone. Cue party sounds—no, but seriously, it would be a much better environment than what currently exists.

On Aug. 10, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton unveiled the New College Compact. The “costs won’t be a barrier” plan touts debt-free tuition for all American students seeking higher education and seeks to reduce the burden for those who have already attended school.

Texas State construction completion date-never

Home of the Bobcats? More like home of the endless construction.

Texas State has been inundated with seemingly endless construction since I got here, and I have frankly had enough.

So, I was standing in line at Blimpie’s the other day when I struck up a conversation with a stranger about construction. Said stranger mentioned they had been studying abroad for a year in Japan and expected construction to be done by their return. We simultaneously rolled our eyes and had a good laugh while nearby people glanced around, bewildered.

Tinder app worth a try, deserves better reputation

Tinder is revolutionary and a great way to interact with people. From future friends, to relationships or even just potential hook-ups—people should not be so quick to write it off.

It may be personal bias, but Tinder is great for meeting new people—especially in a college town setting. Though a certain degree of disapproval is to be expected from something geared towards young adults, Tinder is not a stranger to legitimate criticism.

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