Haley Smutzer

Victory for women, FDA approves female sex pill

Women want to have sex—satisfying sex. This may be a surprising revelation for some people, given the social climate and old adages saying otherwise, but women actually do enjoy sex. In some cases, they just need a little helping hand.

Addyi, the first female sexual enhancement prescription pill approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), aims to increase the sexual drive of women and is a certain victory, granting numerous women both physical and emotional liberation.

Students should utilize counseling center to ensure success

A transcript tells a story. Scanning through the years, a transcript reveals the hardships faced by students.

A straight-A honors student might experience a single semester ridden with cringe-worthy Fs. An average student might withdraw from all of his or her classes for an entire year. Similar, drastic inconsistencies are often common when evaluating student records.

Saving money does not have to come at a price

Thriftiness, when employed resourcefully, does not have to become a burden for students hoping to save some extra cash during the taxing school year.

Penny-pinching can be challenging when going back to school. The luminescent glow of store lights seems to shine brighter and more appealing, making shoppers want to shop. I know all too well avoiding the ever-present pressure to spend money can be difficult, even for the most diligent of savers.

New $10 bill design good step for equality, needs improvement

U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has made the exciting announcement that the newly redesigned $10 bill, featuring a woman, will be revealed in 2020—the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, granting women the right to vote.

While the future currency change is certainly a necessary step for equality, the U.S. bill has a long way to go before truly exemplifying an all-inclusive identity. Victoria Smith, associate English professor, suggests an entire overhaul.

Summer shuttle hours inadequate, expansion necessary

Being stranded at a bus stop is more than just an irritating inconvenience: It is an interview missed, a baby shower unattended, another disappointed look from your parents after a regrettable phone call, an instant anxiety attack, a desperate call to a friend and a valued job now lost.

Like many of my fellow Bobcats, I depend on the university shuttle bus as a primary mode of transportation to and from school. As an enrolled summer school student, I was shocked to discover that the summer transportation service arrangements were anything but effective.

A modest removal: women should eliminate female parts

Women’s bodies are constantly scrutinized with extreme specifity.

Rent guarantors unnecessary, stressful for students

Today is the day. They’ve spent all morning rehearsing their speeches, mulling over the countless, inevitable questions. Have they missed anything? They know their efforts are futile, but they have to try. They pause. A sense of overwhelming disappointment consumes them. Today is the day they are going to beg their parents to be their guarantors…again. Silently, they pick up the rental agreement forms and reluctantly close the door.

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