Gabrielle Huezo

Stonewall Warehouse popular in San Marcos community

Stonewall Warehouse, the first and only gay bar in San Marcos, has been open on the Square for almost five months and is proving it is here to stay. 

Stonewall Warehouse and The Barfish Lounge are both owned by Brian Scofield and made around $86,177 in alcohol sales during February, according to

Chris Rue, general manager of Stonewall Warehouse, had difficulty trying to get the location ready for the opening. Stonewall was originally supposed to open in October but was delayed until Dec. 2 because the renovations were not yet complete.

“All of us people that were hired to start working when we opened were in here with paint brushes and screwdrivers, helping get it all together, volunteering our time,” said Tabatha Mumford, manager. 

New student body president, vice president inaugurated

Texas State’s new student body president and vice president were inaugurated Monday afternoon next to a statue of the university’s most famous alumus, President Lyndon Baines Johnson.

Tiffany Young, outgoing student body president and public relations junior, gave the opening speech and introduced President Denise Trauth. Trauth spoke about the importance of Student Government and then swore in the new student body president: Lauren Stotler, finance sophomore. 

Stotler swore in Tyler Burton, finance junior, as the new student body vice president.

Tech startups find accomodations in Austin, San Marcos area

The Wall Street Journal recently named the Austin area first in the nation for attracting tech startups. 

The growth is reflected in San Marcos through facilities like the Science, Technology and Advanced Research (S.T.A.R.) Park and the Greater San Marcos Partnership (GSMP).

S.T.A.R. Park provides a location for beginning businesses until entrepeneurs find their own space. The facility is the only one in central Texas that offers laboratory space for startup companies. 

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