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Man struck, killed on railroad tracks


April 19 UPDATE:

A dream of a concert at SXSW

Imagine you’re dreaming...

In your dream, you enter a room that doubles as a toy and candy store. Surrounding you are walls covered in bold, colorful designs. Bright lights are flashing and techno beats are blaring through the speakers.

You continue entering the store and suddenly you’re standing in front of five Japanese musicians jumping around like children in a bounce house. They are playing music your brain cannot fully comprehend.

This was Mahousyoujo-ni-naritai, a Japanese alternative band that performed during Japan Nite at the Elysium on Red River March 20 during the South by Southwest Music Festival.

I was a bit skeptical of what I was experiencing, but I was sure it was one of the most unique performances I have witnessed.

Through a photographer's lens: Milky Chance performs at Stubb’s

When I read that Milky Chance was to perform at Stubb’s Bar-B-Q Thursday night for South by Southwest, I knew I had to go photograph the show.

The German psychedelic folk group caught my attention a while back with its mellow and funky beats paired with edgy yet soothing vocals. Milky Chance is the kind of music you would listen to while on a road trip to go camping with friends or while relaxing in a hammock by the San Marcos River.

The stage’s design reflected that idea with a burlap backdrop and temple-like posts along with earth-toned painted designs. I was intrigued.  

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