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How to score free stuff at SXSW

South by Southwest can be expensive, but it definitely worth attending.

For the festivalgoer on a budget, it's important to navigate the world of free food, drinks and merch at SXSW. Here’s how to take advantage all the free opportunities.

Utilize Twitter

Social media is the hottest way to stay in touch with brands and other festivalgoers. Twitter in particular is best because thanks to the 140 character limit, posts have to be short and succinct. There are plenty of Twitter accounts catering to SXSW goers looking for places offering free food and drinks.

Appealing to viewers like you: PBS and NPR diversify and evolve

People are tired of the “white radio voice.”

This was something I wasn’t aware that I was unconsciously aware of. The popular Saturday Night Live sketch about ‘Schweddy Balls’ makes fun of the way two hosts on National Public Radio talk in a calm and controlled monotone voice. During my first podcast recording session for The University Star, the other student journalists and I made fun of this voice by imitating the SNL comedians who were imitating the NPR hosts.

Fashion and feminism: a panel with TV stylist Stacy London

A pair of Chacos and denim jeans with holes is not what I expected to be wearing the day I met a woman who shows people how to dress for a living.

Stacy London, former host of “What Not to Wear” and current host of “Love, Lust or Run” on TLC, spoke in the Cosmopolitan Style Lab March 15 on my second day of SXSW. London and her good friend, Glynnis MacNicol, co-founder of, discussed being a woman in the modern day workforce at “The Secret Networks: Connecting for Success” panel.

The discussion was moderated by Laura Brounstein, special projects director at Cosmopolitan magazine.

MacNicol said many women reach a level of success in the workforce where they find themselves as the only female in the room.

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