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A design student does SXSW: tacos, Dan Rather and Spoon

Something teachers really stress in design school is to work in odd numbers. Five columns on a page, three photos in a package and so on and so forth. They say do not ever have an even number of elements in a design-never let something be entirely symmetrical.

Today, I went against everything I was ever taught in design school. I had four tacos for dinner instead of three or five. Despite everything I had been taught in school, four tacos was perfect.

On my third day of South by Southwest, I let myself sleep in. I had completely forgotten I scheduled a hair appointment for the morning and after cutting off over five inches of self-control and perseverance, I made my way to Austin.

Big Macs and cats at SXSW

My second day at South by Southwest featured a lot of 'firsts' for me.

I had my first ever McDonalds Big Mac, took my first ever pedicab ride through the streets of Austin and acquired my first pair of “real” Kendra Scott earrings. The Big Mac was absolutely gross, but (unfortunately for my taste buds) free food is the best food and I had no better choice than to take it quietly.

Although I wasn’t able to attend as many panels as I did my first day as an official SXSWgoer, the one panel I did make it to was the most interesting discussion I have been a part of in a long time.

A designer's first day at SXSW

Today was my first day of the Interactive portion of South by Southwest.

I attended some extremely informational panels and ate some authentic Austin food. Unfortunately, I made the tragic mistake of wearing sandals with absolutely no arch support and a cardigan that was not nearly thick enough to cover the correct amount of my arms or keep me warm at all.

That being said today was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I learned so much and bumped shoulders with so many incredible designers and people.

The first event I attended was a design-centered panel titled "Five Tips to Be a Design's Surrogate, Not a Parent."

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