Megan Carthel

Female enrollment sees increase

Although the freshman female population at Texas State saw a slight increase for the third straight year this fall, the overall female and male populations have remained largely static, resulting in low male retention rates.

The freshman female population percentage has slightly increased since 2010, raising one percent this fall from the previous one. The freshman male population dropped from 40.7 percent of the overall student population in 2010 to 39.3 percent this fall.

Police investigate possible connections in area robberies

University Police Department officers are investigating an attempted robbery that occurred Sept. 1 near the Bobcat Village apartment complex.

According to police officers, a male student was approached by an individual he described as a tall black male at about 9:40 a.m.

Sgt. Alex Villalobos said the victim felt he was in “imminent fear of harm.”

Villalobos said he believes the victim addressed the suspect or was loud and caused attention to be drawn to the assailant to deter him. He said the victim felt the assailant was going to use a weapon, but it is unclear what weapon the suspect could have had or if he had one at all. No property was taken from the victim, Villalobos said.

Bobcat Village route to add student center stop

A stop at the LBJ Student Center will be added to Bobcat Village Route no. 12 Sept. 16 because of excessive traffic in the Speck Street Parking Garage.

Bus route 12 runs from Bobcat Village to the Quad Bus Loop. Nancy Nusbaum, interim director of Transportation Services, hopes adding the new stop will ease traffic in the Speck Street Parking Garage and lot. Nusbaum said she hopes students with classes on the west side of campus will be willing to park in the Mill Street Lot with the addition of the stop.

There are 974 perimeter parking spaces available in the Mill Street Lot, but Nusbaum said only about 200 are currently being used.

“We believe (the Mill Street Lot) a really good solution for commuter students,” Nusbaum said.

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