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Gentrification consistent problem for black community

The black community has been subjected to a constant cycle of oppression and gentrification since the 1950s.

Simply put, gentrification is when upper-class people sweep through and take over spaces primarily inhabited by the lower class. This usually happens between white gentrifiers and minority victims.

Not all interracial relationships beneficial

“Who taught you to hate yourself?”

This is the question controversial civil rights leader Malcolm X posited to an audience. Over 50 years later, I am asking the same question. Many interracial relationships materialize due to self-hate, internalized racism and commonplace inferiority complexes.  

Code switching part of black society

I once dated a boy who said he could always tell when I’d been around my family because I came back “speaking more black.”

Growing up in the suburbs, I learned to “talk white” way before I found spaces outside of my home where speaking slang was acceptable. It was confusing to me that kids at my school would accuse me of “being an Oreo” because of the way I talked.

Experiences like this are by no means unique to black people living in today’s society. Code-switching is woven into the fabric of survival they have been stitching for centuries.

The Black Perspective: White Supremacy and Reverse Racism

Host Imani Mcgarrell, opinions editor, joins Brandon Sams, assistant opinions editor and Sierra Holmes, lifestyle reporter, in a new edition of A Community of Culture: The Black Perspective. The trio discuss issues such as white supremacy and reverse racism in the black community.

The Black Perspective: Black Music, Womanism and Homophobia

Host Brandon Sams joins Imani McGarrell,opinions editor, and Sierra Holmes, lifestyle reporter, in this edition of A Community of Culture: The Black Perspective. The trio discuss topics ranging from appropriations in black music, 'Womanism' and homophobia in the black community.

White supremacy subconscious, must be dismantled

White supremacy is a pervasive system of oppression and power that needs to be recognized, understood and dismantled.

White supremacy exists as a system based on the institutional dominance, exploitation and oppression of entire continents, nations and non-white peoples. The system of white supremacy is maintained by the collective desire to maintain and defend the wealth, power, control and privilege white people possess.

'Black homophobia' myth, stereotype

Black people do not have a monopoly on homophobia, and it is time to rethink and unpack that often regurgitated racialized meme.

There has been much talk regarding the topic of acceptance of gay people in the black community. The recent success of FOX’s new series, Empire, has especially prompted conversation. Lee Daniels created Empire in order to apparently blow the proverbial lid off the issue of homophobia in the black community. This is a great premise in theory. However, the cards are stacked and the biases are apparent.

'Womanism' provides support for black feminists

By this point in mainstream society most people have heard about and formed opinions on the feminist movement.

Feminism has come under attack for a variety of reasons as it has re-emerged in the limelight. The seeming disregard for black feminists within the movement is the one criticism amidst all of the complaints about man-hating “feminazis” that has some merit.

Appropriation of black music increasingly problematic

The appropriation of black music has led to a cultural disappearing act of the influences in some of the most poetic and popular genres worldwide.

The Afro-American experience has delicately crafted many of the sounds of music people enjoy today. From blues to rock n’ roll, the pain and sorrow of the black experience in America has planted the seeds for many genres of music to flourish.

Minorities call out for representation in media

My name is Imani, I am almost 21 years old and I cried like a baby when I saw Lupita Nyong’o on the July 2014 cover of Vogue.

Every time I get into conversations with people about how much representation in the media truly matters, I bring up this story. It perfectly encapsulates every reason people fight so hard to show minorities in media.


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