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Talk It Out: The U.S. should aid Ukraine in Russian conflict

As Russia grows more unpredictable and reckless over invading Ukraine, the rest of the world waits for America to step up and take action.

The United States placed sanctions on Russia, but none of those seem to be taken seriously or to have done any good. Vladimir Putin, Russian president, has increased his pursuit of Ukraine.

Talk It Out: The United States should not provide Ukraine with arms

The United States should not send arms to Ukraine as an aid against Russia in the ongoing conflict spawning from the Crimean crisis in 2014.

It has been almost a year since the conflict for control over the Crimean Peninsula began. Russia has been the stronger force in the conflict, annexing Crimea away from Ukraine as well as deploying soldiers throughout other parts of Ukraine.

Talk It Out: Social anxiety presents real struggle for students

Students with social anxiety issues are constantly in a battle with themselves and their environment.

While today’s culture promotes a stigma against those with social anxiety, people should attempt to learn more about what it’s like to be in their shoes.

Talk It Out: Social anxiety should be seen as a mindset, not disorder

Disorders are nothing to laugh or joke about, but social anxiety should be viewed as a state of mind rather than a mental disorder.

People are judged on a daily basis regardless of whether they are presenting in front of an audience or walking to class. With this in mind, people are still able to be functioning members of society even though they may “suffer” from social anxiety.


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